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    a Darcy question..

    This one has been at the top of my list since before we were pregnant, so although its not the hubby's favorite, it's one I'm not letting go. He normally completely shoots down any name he doesn't like and he never has done so with this one (he'll just suggest something else afterward) so that gives me a little encouragement. I know Darcy gets mixed reviews on here since it's a unisex name but I am 100% sure I love it so I don't really need opinions on the name itself. Spelling, however, is what I'd like some insight on. This just occurred to me today as I am usually ALWAYS a fan of the original and most straightforward spellings of names. However, my husband being more on the unique side of names, I wonder if I should consider another spelling to sweeten the pot a little. I've never minded the spelling Darcie and I think HE would be most into the spelling, Darci (he loves that darn "i"). In addition to pleasing my husband, do you think a young girl would also appreciate these more fem spellings? My only previous concern with Darcy is that she'd be jealous of sister Brenna's more "girly" name. I know a Kellie who always loved that her name had an "ie" on the end, still does to this day. Or does the spelling variation just tarnish the name, and should I stick to fighting for the Darcy I've always loved? Full name would be Darcy Loretta, last name similar to McNally. Thanks

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    Darcy and Brenna sound great together, My name is very common and boring and my sisters name is beautiful and a bit different i spent my whole life feeling like my parents just scraped the bottom on the barrel with mine.
    Darcy is a beautiful and 'girly' name i dont see how it is any less girly then Brenna.
    as for the spelling i like to leave spelling simple but Darcie looks just as normal as Darcy

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    Darcy works very well with Brenna - they seem of similar style and feel and the same level,of femininity to me. I know Darcy is unisex but it brings to mind names like Marcy, Macy, Stacy which are feminine. While Brenna is a feminine name it brings to mind names like Brennon and Brendon which are masculine. So to me the two names are at about the same level of femininity. I think you would onlymhavento worry about jealousy problems if your older daughter was named something ultra feminine and flowing like Isabella or Francesca or Allesandra. Then there would be a strong difference in the names. But remember, the jealousy could go either depending the children's personalities - an Isabella could be very jealous of a Darcy if she prefers that name.

    I think visually I like Darcy the best but my second choice would be Darci with the I and no e.
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    I like how the "y" breaks up the straight line of your combo Darcy Loretta. I love the literary connection. Darcie would be my second choice for spelling. Also, there was an English ballerina named Darcey Bussell who used this spelling. I don't like the Darci spelling at all. It looks much too cutesy and flimsy. I don't mind Brenna and Darcy together as siblings. The only issue I have with Darcy is that it's matchy in ending with your surname.
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    Visually, I like Darcy the best. When I was younger, I went through a stage of really wishing my name was spelled Ashlee or Ashleigh--not because it looked more feminine than Ashley, but because it seemed more exciting than Ashley. But that only lasted for a short while, and for the majority of my life, I am very glad I've been Ashley, and not Ashleigh, or Ashlee, or Ashly, or Ashely, or Ashlie, or Ashlea, or any other spelling. I've been a bit jealous of my sisters (who have classic, international girls' names--Rebecca and Natalie), but having my name spelled Ashleigh wouldn't have helped with that. I still have the same name as my uncle. Ashley is still a unisex name. It always will be. Even if you dress up Darcy, she'll still be Darcy, and changing the spelling won't help that. I've disliked that my name seems to limit my femininity (at least in my mind). I'm much girlier than my two sisters, and yet, I get stuck with the unisex name (which I find quite ironic!). I like my name now. But I still wish I had something girlier than Ashley (and yeah, a bit more exciting, too!). Darcy is sweet. If you like it, use it. I like the tie to Fitzwilliam Darcy (which I'm sure a daughter would appreciate much more than a son, anyway, haha!), and I read a book once about a CIA agent named Darcy; she totally rocked it. I like Darcy the best, but if you're going to change it, I would opt for Darcey or Darcie, not Darci. Darci seems like a ditzy cheerleader from the seventies to me.
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