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    Baby cousin needs a name

    Hey y'all

    I was just told that my aunt and uncle's baby is a girl! This is their second/last child..and the first girl born to any of my mom's siblings (they all had boys). So now this little sweetheart needs a name before she gets here (not due till January-ish, i'm told). They are pretty sure on Isabella Truth, but want more options just in case.

    Bit of background:

    Their older son's name is S1mon Justice.
    The kids' have a hyphenated surname.

    They do I say this...names with a purpose? Hence, Justice. With this baby, the whole Isabella Truth thing is purposeful, at least I think. You see, my aunt is a feminist and activist. Sojourner Truth's birth first name was Isabella. So Isabella Truth is a combo of Sojourner's birth name and chosen name. I'm not sure if that's their only reasoning on this combo though.

    Also, they want something girly, since she is the only girl after all those boys. Nothing like Arabella though..

    Names that are out: Sara/Sarah, Jessica.


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    Verity Luna - verity = truth
    Felicity Olivia - felicity = happiness
    Vivienne Hope - hope = hope
    Serena Isobel - serena = serenity
    Marion Jolie - jolie = pretty
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    Psalm 23

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    If they want a purposeful and powerful name, how about these



    Amelia=To strive or to excel


    Anya=Gracious, Merciful

    Hope=Expectation, Belief

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