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    Naming your daughter Khaleesi

    I've been seeing this name a lot lately and its one that really just grinds my gears so to speak.

    For everyone who doesn't watch/read game of thrones/a song of ice and fire, Khaleesi is an invented word, which is the Dothraki (made up language) equivalent of 'queen'. The Khaleesi, is the female ruler of the 'khalasar' (their tribe, essentially.)

    A lot of people seem to think Khaleesi is the name of Emilia Clarke's character, but really it is just the title she is given when she marries the king, or 'Khal'. Her character's actual name is Daenerys, or Dany.

    Now, if you know all this already, and most of you do I expect, (I see a lot of GoT pictures/names on here) and you still want to name your child Khaleesi, then go wild, all the power to you.

    I just think when using a name that is created for a show/book/movie/ whatever, you should know the background, because everyone will always associate that name with it, whether or not you do.

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    ...At first I thought this was about a potential Kim/Kanye baby name (CollegeHumor's fault). But after reading it I realize WHY I have not yet picked up those books/watched that show. Because I would hate them.

    At least I get that joke now, though. Thanks.
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    Calici ( I think sounds the same as your Khaleesi) is a cat upper respiratory infection :-( Calicivirus.
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    I LOVE Game of Thrones but would never dream of naming my daughter Khaleesi. The problem for me is not that it's from a made up language (one could argue that it is a literary name just lacking history) but that, like you say, it's a title. Naming your child Khaleesi is like naming your child Princess or Queen, which is way to over the top and frou frou for my tastes.
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    I often choose books based on the names of important characters or places (I know, unfair, but I don't want to read a book where I have to stumble over every pronunciation), and the names are one of the reasons I haven't picked of GoT. It's a very, very complicated series and the names don't help.

    I don't see the problem with using a name that derives from an established literary/made up language. I love how JRR Tolkien modeled his languages on existent ones, so many of his names were already 'real' names. But the same rules apply when taking a name from Dothraki as a spoken language. You take a name that is actually a name, and not a word, unless it is established as a name (Violet, Piper, Chase, etc.) Khaleesi is not a name, it's a title.
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