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    Getting closer!!!! Input?

    So those of you following along baby girl is two months old now and I am changing her name.... We thought she was a boy I didn't have time to choose. Anyway sisters are Ashlyn Giovanna And Suriana elee....

    Here is my final list just trying to find the right combo- I like mythological godess names to throw into the mix.


    Magnolia Nn noli

    So one of these will be the first name now I need help finding the right combo Tia

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    caty_beth89 Guest
    Oooooh, goddesses.

    Aria Demeter
    Magnolia Isis
    Uma Aphrodite

    Magnolia is my favorite. Congrats on your new sweet wee one. We changed my daughter's middle name when she was 4 weeks old and we DID know she was a girl months before. lol

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    Thanks! I think magnolia is my favorite also- I will do some research on Isis.

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    caty_beth89 Guest

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