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    Thoughts on the names Tatiana, Aurelia and Lyra

    Hello. I'm wondering what everyone thinks about the names Tatiana, Aurelia, and Lyra. Thanks for opinions.
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    Is Lyra pronounced Ly(rhymes with sky or) or Leer-ah?
    Either one is not my taste. Tatiana is ok.
    Aurelia isn't bad-it's pretty-but I feel like the sudden popularity spike makes me almost dislike the Aur-beginning girls names. I really like Aura. Just Aura with a longer middle name.
    Sorry-I don't mean to shoot them each down. I do love the prefix Aur-
    One name the aur prefix reminds me of is Oriol. The bird is gorgeous and it is a bird name I love, probably with the nn Ollie. What other names do you like besides those three?

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    Tatiana is my favorite of the three. I have seen far worse names!

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    Tatiana - It's always been one of my least favorite -iana names. I'm not particularly fond of "T" names, to begin with, and Tatiana always seemed harshly, stereotypically Russian. And not really in a cool Russian way (because I love me anything European!), but in the harsh, unappealing, HARD way of life Russian. Oppressed by the USSR, poor, hungry, unable to feed her children, who has had such a hard life that she doesn't even seem pretty anymore; she doesn't have hope anymore. Sort of like most people see Olga (surprisingly, I love Olga, haha!). But recently, I started sponsoring a little girl in Peru who has it pretty hard (who is not a Tatiana), but while I was searching for the perfect little one to sponsor, I came across some ADORABLE little Tatianas, and it's taken on this beauty for me, and I would love to meet a little Tatiana I would just love! I'm still not sure I LOVE it, but I like it a lot more than I did.

    Aurelia - LOVE. It means "golden". How can you beat that? The nns are beautiful, the full name is beautiful. I just adore it. I would love to meet a little Aurelia.

    Lyra - love this, as well. I actually like Aurelia Lyra, personally. I think of David, playing his lyre for his sheep while he was still just a shepherd boy, fighting off bears and lions with his bare hands, protecting his sheep. It's a very beautiful, pastoral image for me. Most people think of the book by Philip Pullman (I think?) and Greek mythology, but neither of those really appeal to me. I do really love the name, though.

    Aurelia is my favorite, but I do really like them all!

    Good luck!
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    Tatiana makes me think of sweet marmalade, but I haven't the faintest idea why : ) I do like it, but it would be a tad exotic for my taste (then again, Mercedes makes my list without a scruple). Lyra is pretty; it reminds me of the word lyrical, so I always think of what nice connotations it has. As for Aurelia (prn. 'or-ay-lee-uh' for me) I love it : )
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