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    Names that mean powerful/strong/anything similar?

    I'm writing a series about superheroes, and I need names for villains and heroes. Boy and girl, please. Kind of unusual. Thanks!

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    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Luix means 'Famous Warrior'
    Ares means 'Battle Strife' He was also the Greek God of War.
    Caden means 'Little Battle'
    Niall means 'Champion' He was also an Irish king.
    Ignatius means 'Fiery One'
    Zade means 'Stylish' But it sounds like a tough name to me personally.
    Septimus means 'Seven' but, again, it sounds like another tough name.
    Nico means 'Victory of the People'
    Drakon means 'Dragon'
    Ajax means 'Powerful Warrior'
    Emerson means 'Powerful'
    Chasin means 'Strong'
    Maynor means 'Powerful'

    Hope this helped
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    Brielle - 'man of god' or 'warrior of God'
    Elda - battle
    Ernesta - battle (possibly nn Nessa or something)
    Everild - boar battle (that's vaguely disturbing, but the name has such a pretty sound)
    Griselda/Grizel/Griselle - gray battle maid
    Herminia - feminine of Herminio, which means army man
    Hilda - battle
    Imelda - all warrior
    Louella/Luella/Lewella - famous warrior
    Louisa/Louise - feminine of Louis, meaning famous warrior. Apparelntly Lula and Lulu count too, as pet forms.
    Maud - mighty in battle
    Mafalda - mighty in battle
    Mathilda - mighty in battle
    Mary apparently can also mean 'stubborn' or 'rebellious'
    Romilda - famous battle

    And you might want to check out this list too, if you haven't already -

    Sorry, I'm not very good with boys' names
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