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Thread: Sib Set Central

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    Sib Set Central

    All you have to do is go by the rules for each girl or boy in every sibset. Some babies may be more demanding than others in regards to which letters to use, middles, nick names, etc.
    Sibset A:
    girl: first name begins with A or E, middle name begins with T or S
    boy: first name must end in N and mn should be only 1 syllable
    girl: first name begins with P or F, middle name begins with A or ends in A
    boy: first name begins with Q or Z, mn is up to you- include a nickname for the fn

    Sibset B:
    boy: both first and middle names are your choice with the exception that one has to do with seasons, months, or nature
    boy: fn begins with T and has between 2-4 syllables with 2 middle names-1 of which beginning with I
    boy: first name ends in N, E, or H and middle is your choice As long as it has at least 3 syllables

    Sibset C:
    girl: her first and middle names have to do with nature, months, or seasons
    girl: her first name relates to nature, months, or seasons and middle name begins with I
    girl: her fn has to do with animals, mn is your choice

    Sibset D:
    girl: fn begins with H and middle name relates to color
    boy: fn begins with J and middle name relates to animals
    girl: fn ends in Y and mn is month related

    Sibset E:
    boy: fn is 1 syllable and mn is 3 syllables
    girl: fn is 1 syllable and mn is 2-3 syllables
    boy: fn is 1 syllable and mn is 3 syllables

    Sibset F:
    boy: fn begins with A or B and mn ends in I or H
    boy: fn begins with A or B and mn ends in H or R
    girl: fn begins with C or D and mn ends in I or H
    girl: fn begins with C or D and mn ends in H or R

    Have Fun Berries!

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    Sibset A:
    girl: Amelia Therese
    boy: Owen Craig
    girl: Penelope Octavia (Penny)
    boy: Quinten Lawrence (Quin)

    Sibset B:
    boy: Leopold August Micah (Leo)
    boy: Thaddeus John Isaiah (Thad)
    boy: Sebastian Alexander Jeremiah (Bass)

    Sibset C:
    girl: Poppy Aurelia
    girl: Adair Isolde
    girl: Rudy Viviana

    Sibset D:
    girl: Hannah Scarlet
    boy: Jude Arthur
    girl: Lily June

    Sibset E:
    boy: Noah Frederick
    girl: Grace Eliza
    boy: Max Nicholas

    Sibset F:
    boy: August Micah
    boy: Benedict Seth
    girl: Cecilia Hannah
    girl: Diana Elizabeth
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    Sibset A:
    girl: Emilia Tamsin
    boy: Holden Rhys
    girl: Portia Amity
    boy: Quinlan JudeQuin

    Sibset B:
    boy: Augusten Winterly “Gus
    boy: Tobias Isidor WebbToby
    boy: Theodore Ullyses “Theo

    Sibset C:
    girl: November Willow
    girl: Lilium Wilde
    girl: Phoenix Wave

    Sibset D:
    girl: Hattie Crimson
    boy: Jonah Wolf
    girl: Ainsley Juno

    Sibset E:
    boy: Cole Forrester
    girl: Maeve Jessamine
    boy: Reid Alistair

    Sibset F:
    boy: Aaron Malachi
    boy: Brody Elijah
    girl: Camilla Ruth
    girl: Dahlia Esther

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