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    Forming Two Girl names

    So i have dozen of bames and trying to put together two unique names
    First names:

    Middle Names:

    First names can be used as middle names

    I came up with
    [LIST][*]Saya Elena[*]Keiralyn Alma[*]Esmaria Lue Ann[*]Eevee Alma Lyn[*]Cecily Alma Lyn

    But i need more suggestions even new names is alright i should mention i want it to blend well with Dante Andrew my sons name

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    I feel like Cecily would be smashing with your son's name! Cecily Elena, maybe? I think Cecily AND Elena would be great with Dante, too, if you'd consider that. In my area, Dante (and it's many, many misspellings--Dontae, Donte, Dontay, Dauntae, etc.) has a very downmarket image, and I like that something like Cecily can elevate it to a more quirky, unexpected literary find. For that reason, I'd go with Cecily and Eevee, although I definitely wouldn't spell it like that, and I would use it as a nn for something longer. Are you expecting twins, or just looking to narrow your list down to two? I think Dante, Cecily, and Evangeline, for example, would be lovely, and she could always go by Evie. I think Cecily Elena and Evangeline Lynette would be very sweet.

    Good luck!
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    Eevee Lyn.

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    Eevee is a Pokemon. I would strongly suggest you spell it Evey or Evie instead.

    I really like Cecily Alma. Good luck!
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    I love Esmaria Lue... love this combo

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