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    Liv Everly or Liv Evlyn?

    I love love love the name Liv, but it's not so easy to find the perfect middle name, any help appreciated!

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    I meant Liv Evelyn!

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    I prefer Liv Evelyn.

    I never liked the name Everly.

    I was going to suggest Vivienne or Viviana as they have a sound to Liv Evelyn, but it seems like you like short sweet names.

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    I love Liv! I might have used it if only our last name wasn't so short.

    Here are some more ideas:
    Liv Caroline
    Liv Waverly
    Liv Avery
    Liv Madison
    Liv Natalia
    Liv Aspen
    Liv Skyler
    Liv Bellamy
    Liv Arabella

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    I love Liv! I think Liv Evelyn is the best choice. Personally, I would pick a middle name that didn't have another V. How about:

    Liv Alexandra
    Liv Josephine
    Liv Caroline
    Liv Catherine
    Liv Margaret
    Liv Susannah

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