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    Imagery for Boys' List: How would you describe someone named....?

    In an effort to narrow down my boys' list, I'd love to get some feedback on the impressions these names give you. When you hear these names, what sort of boy do you picture? Who is he, what does he look like, what personality traits come to mind?

    I connect best with names that allow me to picture the person, whether child, teenager, young adult, parent, grandparent, or all of the above. This is not to say that I expect my future children to grow up exactly like the people their names make me picture, but if I can't picture the name on a real person, I can't use it. And I definitely gravitate towards names that evoke imagery that speaks to me. If your impressions of a name are more sensory and less person-oriented, that's great too!

    There are a few names on this list that already give me distinct and vivid impressions (Balthazar, Theodore, and Remiel, for example) but most of them are newcomers to the list, so I need some help sifting through their "auras", if you will.

    I understand this is an extremely long list and my style is all over the map (nature, fantasy, Biblical, literary…), so please don't feel like you have to leave your impressions for each and every one. Every little bit helps!

    The List:
    Sebastian and/or Bastian
    Zion Nathaniel ~ Solomon Fable ~ Balthazar Wolf ~ Malachi Sparrow nn Kai ~ Tobias Rowan ~ Caspian _____
    Alice Willow ~ Ophelia Wren ~ Juliet Snow ~ Lucia Pearl ~ Eve Wisteria nn Evie ~ Cosima Rose ~ River Seraphine ~ Elowen Briar

    Narnia Rose, Astoria nn Story, Illyria, Serafina, Soraya, Faerydae
    Orion Melchior North, Tobias Loki, Edmund, Frost, Oberon, Kenshin, Remiel, Atreyu

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    Just a few quick first impressions of my favorites:

    Arthur - an independent, quiet-leader type

    Felix - intelligent, quirky, challenges authority

    Patrick - friendly, humorous, kind

    Stellan - artistic, creative, thoughtful

    Tristan - romantic, poetic, leading-man

    Interesting list, best of luck!

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    Alaric - strong-minded, intelligent, savvy
    Aragorn - quiet, shy, dark haired, tall
    Arthur - quiet, reserved, bookish, small for age
    Atticus - freckly, shy, intelligent, gangly
    Azriel -serious, dark haired
    Balthazar - eccentric, quirky, blonde hair
    Damon - black hair, quiet, serious
    Dorian - long black curly hair, charming, flirty
    Edmund - sensible, brown hair, blue eyes
    Evander - confident, grey eyes, talkative
    Ezra - sensible, faithful, responsible
    Felix - witty, happy, brown hair, brown eyes
    Gabriel - intelligent, quiet, brown hair, green eyes
    Isaac - kind, happy
    Isaiah - serious, quiet, reliable
    Leander - dreamy, happy, in his own little world
    Lysander - dreamy, daydreamer, dramatic
    Lorcan - dependable, quiet but strong
    Nehemiah - faithful, kind, quiet
    Oberon - extrovert, loud, confident
    Omri - sociable, outgoing
    Patrick - funny, outgoing, life and soul of a party, auburn hair
    Peregrine - quiet, bookish, intelligent
    Philemon - shy, reserved, brown hair
    Phineas - clever, witty
    Remiel - quiet, reserved
    Sebastian and/or Bastian - loud, confident, charming
    Stellan - strong-minded, reserved, confident
    Thaddeus - bookish, shy, quiet
    Theodore - quirky, happy
    Theron - shy, reserved
    Tobias - confident, sociable
    Tristan - strong, quiet, reliable

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    Oh this made my evening! This is only half of them, I have to go to bed but I thought you might enjoy these while I'm sleeping.

    Alaric - Alaric's a falconer, a hunter. He's intense, quiet and stubborn. He moves through trees and shrubs so silently and gently, he can almost walk up to the animals he's hunting without them noticing. He's good, he's kind, he believes in fairness and equality. He hunts out of necessity, not out of cruelty. He makes delicious mushroom stews, willow flutes and the most beautiful wood carvings.

    Aragorn - one of them rangers... no, let me try this without thinking of Aragorn. Let me try this without thinking of Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn. Too difficult? Yes, indeed. I can imagine an Aragorn making stuff, like his own shoes. I'm pretty sure someone named Aragorn would be exactly like the aforementioned actor; someone ridiculously good, selfless, intelligent, interesting, fascinating, beautiful and utterly delicous. Someone who buys horses for people who can't afford them.

    Azriel - Azriel's a drummer in a death metal band. Which makes him about the nicest boy in the whole wide world. He's got lots of long wavy dark hair, pierced lip and ears, tattoos on about every part of his body, the biggest brightest smile you could imagine. He's got a bunny called Cottontail, and he collects beautiful dragon figurines.

    Balthazar - Balthazar's a wild spirit. I'm not entirely sure where to place him, but he's adventurous, brave and he honestly doesn't care what anyone thinks of him (because his mummy and daddy did such a terrific job raising a whole little person). A teacher of some kind? He's something, and he's delightful. He's warm and fun, he enjoys making other people happy. Yes, he's a teacher. He teaches those sweet little rosy cheeked five year old's, he takes them out into the forest to explore things, to find things, build campfires, build tree houses, finding sticks and leaves and bury the dead mole they found by the little creek. He cares about children's voices, their thoughts and opinions. He's a good man.

    Edmund - Edmund's a winter's dream, a dark haired beauty in a fur cape (or a coat with some fur on it) with a sleigh pulled by Huskies. Or maybe wolves even? If it's the cape version let's say wolves, for the fun of it. Edmund feels like snow, fairy tales, yule, owls, icicles, stars twinkling, the warmth in the cold, snow lanterns, turkish delight, peppermint, snowballs, glitter, chivalry, bravery, trust, goodness, independence, self worth, justice, brilliance, northern lights, plinkety piano sounds, hoar frost and snow crystals.

    Evander - Evander's riding his motorbike along the coast of Italy. He tells stories, he's completely irresistible and alluring, wind blowing in his hair, half open shirt, he shares cheap wine and bloody marys with everyone who's interested. People are drawn to him, boys and girls fall head over heels in love with him wherever he goes. But he's filled with wanderlust, he's a seeking soul, he never stays long in one place. A glass of wine and he disappears...

    Ezra - Ezra reads books. He reads while he walks, talks, while he cooks, in the shower. He's intensely attracted to flowers, he loves the smell and the colours, he goes by the florist as often he can (still reading), and brings beautiful flowers home. He's got a shabby houseboat that's a little cold in winter, but he's got quilts and throws in plenty, and he makes delicious hot chocolate. And he reads... He's got a dog, a worn out leather jacket and his hands are dirty. He's either a charcoal artist or a chimney sweeper, I can't quite make up my mind. He might be both.

    Felix - Felix is full of joy! A little boy running through tall grass, his laughter like silver bells, gathering flowers for his mummy. His long blonde locks bouncing when he father throws him up into the air again and again, and Felix is laughing hysterically. Felix awakes his mummy early in the morning with a smacking kiss and a whispered "I love you". He drags his worn out bunny with him, thumb safely placed in his mouth and his little soft feet stepping on his own pyjamas, they used to belong to big brother Zion and he can't quite grow into them. Felix gets excited every time he sees a a bubble, a balloon, a cat. Felix wants to be a lion tamer when he grows up. Felix loves spending time with his mummy, he helps her gathering herbs and planting vegetables. He carefully picks wild strawberries and puts them safely in his warm little hands and presents the smashed little red wonders to his parents utterly delighted with his accomplishment.

    Gabriel - The delicious melancholic. Gabriel is serious and thoughtful, he knew how to walk before he took his first step. Gabriel swears he can remember his own birth, he's crazy smart, intuitive and compassionate. He's very proper, he listens carefully and does as he's asked to. He enjoys quiet things, drawing, reading scientific books, atlases, playing with his train set. Gabriel's one of those delicate good boys, but not boring. He rarely talks, but when he does his words are weighed carefully.

    Oberon - Oberon's The Green Man. Oberon's Beltane! Oberon's flowers and faeries, happiness, merriment and laughter. He's life, sunshine, moonlight; he's fully and completely alive in every sense of the word. He's thoughts, excitement, sexuality and openness. He's everything. And flowers, so so many flowers...

    Peregrine - Peregrine's a bit of hipster. He's the height of cool, he wants to write The Great Whatever Novel, he listens to bands that are too cool to be famous and wears clothes you'll have a hard time finding anywhere. He's charming and witty, worldly (or so his twenty year old self believes), he smokes and drinks like there's no tomorrow.

    Phineas - Phineas wears a silk scarf, a fedora and horn rimmed glasses. He's jolly good fun, he cooks up a feast in mere minutes, but his kitchen is a constant mess. His house is cluttered with books, photo albums and records. There's a pile of something wherever you go, the stairs in particular are death traps. Phineas is the definition of generosity, his door is always open, there's food on the table and light in the fireplace. There's always room for one more person, always a bed, mattress or sofa to sleep on. As long as you wish. Phineas feels like coming home, he's comforting, understanding and healing.

    Remiel - I've done Remiel before... my feelings haven't changed but the wording might. Remiel's a boy made of silver and glass. He's secretive, sensitive, the most beautiful boy there ever was. He walks barefoot through the frosty grass as though the cold doesn't bother him at all. His hot breath becomes smoke in the icy air. Remiel's fingernails are a little bit longer than boys usually wear them, his hands are beautiful and clean, clearly not a painter. He's a glassblower, he walks and work in beauty. His fingers make the most gracious movements you ever saw. Remiel lives in the forest, in a cottage all by himself. He listens to Chopin, he's got a mild Degas obsession and he reads books lying on his back on the hardwood floor. The kettle is boiling tea, his cats are purring softly...

    Sebastian - Sebastian's got a poetic soul. He writes beautiful messages on postcards and sends them to the people he loves wherever he goes on his travels. He goes where the wind blows him, and works his way from one place to the next. He likes taking trains, the sound and the feel of the train capture him every time. He likes the travel in travel, he loves the journey not the destination.

    Tobias - Tobias likes to be alone. He takes a tartan rug, a mug of tea and a book out to the beach every morning to feel the powers of nature. He loves sitting on the rocky beach, the wind blowing in his hair, the pages of his Ken Follett flapping so much he can't decipher one word. Tobias's got a wicked beard, he wears woolen jumpers and strappy boots. He's got an ancient rowboat and a fishing rod he got from his grandfather. He's sentimental, he appreciates what was before, he appreciates and understand nature and its ways. He loves birds, he's always got food for them in his jacket. He found a trapped, wounded fox on one of his walks, took it home and nursed it back to health.

    I think I just created a bunch of loners for you. Sorry about that, my darling!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Alaric- in a word is whimsical. He's got a twinkle in his eye and a constant smile plastered on his face. Kind-hearted but definitely a bit mischievous, he loves playing good natured tricks on people as long as it will make someone laugh. It's impossible to have a bad day when you're with him. Dark hair, dancing green eyes, tan, lean and athletic. He's the boy on the playground with a frog in his pocket, the teenager who's goal is to try everything once and bring his best buds along for the trip, the college grad who's hardworking but unashamedly believes in true love and will stop at nothing to find it.

    Aragorn- is hard to imagine as anything but Viggo-esque, but that's what makes him so desirable. Dark hair and brooding eyes, dedicated and serious, but he thoroughly enjoys all that he does because his work is his passion. He knows how to live in the moment and is authentically himself in the middle of a crowded city or the open mountain air. A quiet child who observes the world around him; A young man intent on mastering everything from foreign languages to cooking to swordsmanship; A fiercely loyal husband and father, he excels at whatever he chooses to put his heart and mind into.

    Balthazar- strikes me as a guy who knows what he wants. Whether as a little boy who decides to collect every coin known to man, a young adult insistent in his pursuit of a doctorate degree, and a hard-working businessman who gets promotions based on performance instead of politics. He has a few close friends he has known all his life and he values them more than anything else. Sandy blonde hair, fair skin and dark blue eyes.

    Damon- another tall, dark and handsome specimen, but in a less reserved way. He is well-read and has an epic library in his stylish, modern apartment where he constantly entertains friends, colleagues, and hosts charity events. I picture him living in a lush, cool environment, somewhere like Portland where he can hike, bike and kayak during his free time. Outdoorsy, kind, confident and energetic. Brown hair, hazel eyes and a general optimism and love for humankind. He has a way of making anyone feel included. The kind of guy you know from a glance that you want to be friends with.

    Dorian- is a realist and always intent on backing up his claims with hard evidence. Copper-blonde hair and pale blue eyes, he wants nothing more than to change the world. He could be a teacher, a doctor, or policeman, but once he finds his calling there is no changing his mind and no stopping him from reaching his goal. Intelligent and eager to prove himself he is a straight-A student and a naturally talented speaker with a fondness for aquariums.

    Edmund- is calm, level-headed, and down-to-earth. The oldest child of 4 brothers, he always has been and always will be "the responsible one." Dark brown hair and light brown eyes, he is a family man dedicated to his parents, his younger siblings, and his own wife and children. He hosts every thanksgiving dinner and 4th of July cookout. He's an active participant in the neighborhood watch, the PTA, and his daughters softball team. An all around good guy, he's the one you call when you're in a bind. He's trustworthy and reliable and will do anything he can to help his friends.

    Gabriel- is my sunshine boy. All happiness and cheer, he can brighten even the darkest of days just by being himself. Golden blond curls, light eyes, and rosy cheeks. He is dancing in his raincoat during a summer shower, crunching autumn leaves on the way to school, sledding down a hill bundled up in a dark blue scarf, and playing with earthworms while planting an herb garden. Friendly though a bit shy, he fits in with almost any group of people and will end up marrying his college sweetheart. His boyish charm helps him find magic in everything and he never ceases to lose his wonder.

    Isaac- is a gentle soul and a gifted musician. Since infancy he has been fascinated with songs and rhythms, poetry and rhyme. He can play keys, strings, wind, you name it. He sings like an angel, and captivates any audience who is lucky enough to watch him. Blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a shy smile. He's happiest alone in his room to practice and listen to classical music, but he is by no means a loner. Friendly and energetic, he comes alive when talking about music and art. Perfectly at home on the stage as well, he is willing to share his art (and the spotlight) with all.

    There you are for now, 8 more coming your way after I pick up the boy from school. =]
    Dominic James~ {7}

    Benedict : Felicity : Gabriel : Jude : Lavender : Rowena

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