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    My favorite two girls names right now are Gemma and Violet, which I think have a light friendly feel, though I think Violet sounds better with Russle. I also like Julia from your list, but I would go with Juliana Russle and you could always call her Julia/Julie/Jules. I do understand that Juliana is probably not as "light" a name as what your looking for, but I like it with Luke. I think anything ending with a strong EEE sound (like Emily!) would flow well too...but I'm haviong trouble coming up with suggestions right now - Sorry!

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    Light and friendly, I thought first of Isla. I like the repeated L with Russell (and Luke) too . Emily is pretty too, although overdone, it is a lovely name. You do something a little heavier like Elizabeth with a lighter nn - Elizabeth Russell nn Betsy would be cute. If Julia isn't quite right, how about Juliet?

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    I like the name Emily. Noelle would be a pretty choice as well.

    Emily Noelle Russell
    Noelle Emily Russell

    Grace Russell

    Caroline Russell

    Elyse Russell

    Natalie Russell

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    Pthe first name that popped into mind when I read light, friendly was Molly.

    Molly Russell. I really like Molly Julia Russell.

    Lillian is not quite as light but very friendly. I love Lillian May Russell, nn Lily.

    Other girls names that make me think of light and/or friendly are:

    Blythe, Emma, Ella, Holly, Josie, Lena, Maise, Nora, Sadie, Tessa
    Gwendolyn Mae... Meredith Jane. ... Josephine Claire...Catherine Esme... Evelyn Grace ** Arlo Grant ... Drew Thomas ... Eli James ... Owen Vincent... Jay Theodore

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    I think this is feminine enough to work with Russell, similar enough to Julia and it has literary significance.

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