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  • James

    23 56.10%
  • Luka

    20 48.78%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I like Luka now without the 'h' but I do think James goes better with Philip and Devon. :/ But if you love Luka more, you should use it!

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    I think Luke goes great with your other boys names, but I dont like the fit of Luka with them. If the name is Luka, they I vote for James, which I think goes great with your boys names as well.

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    I like James, I think it flows better and sounds more with your other children's names. Devon is a place in England and Phillip is a popular British name (and king), and I think James continues that theme much nicer than Luka. Phillip, Devon, and James flows way better to me than Phillip, Devon, and Luka.

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    I like both a lot. I voted for Luka, since it's more striking to me, but I don't care for using Luke as a nickname.

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    Luka all the way! One of my favorite names. Luka James sounds perfect. I also think 2 syllables will be a nice match for your other children's names.

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