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    Quote Originally Posted by emsky View Post
    I think if you're gonna use it, just spell it like the state. It's clearly a place name; I don't see any need to tack on the 'h'.

    Do you know the name Saskia? Has some of the same sounds and also happens to be gorgeous imo. Saskia Faith would be beautiful. Unless Alaska specifically holds some very special meaning for you.
    Oh gosh, Saskia is beautiful, and does share many of the same sounds, without being too heavily reminiscent of the state. Fab suggestion, @emsky!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sawyer'smom View Post
    I like the spelling of alaskah because it makes it a little different from the state.
    I don't think that the H on the end makes any difference, except spelling it wrong. If the state has signifigance to you, then you should spell it correctly. It's still going to sound the same, but adding a superfluous letter will just add difficulty for your daughter later in life.

    "Alaskah, like Alaska, but with in H on the end."
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    I dislike Alaskah (its a recognized place, and I'm pretty sure every American--not to mention many, many other people know how to spell that--taking a common place name and changing the spelling won't help you or your child, I would think), but I do like Alaska! I remember it being on one of my friend's lists once. I think it lends itself well to nns (Ally, etc.), and it could be really wearable. Besides, Alaska really is beautiful. I am not generally a fan of too many place names, but I do love Alaska a lot, and would love to meet a little girl with the name.
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    I think it has a pretty sound but agree with others that adding the h is a bit silly. If you like the name Alaska because the state is special to you, why change the spelling to take the name further from the state?

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    Not a fan of the name Alaskah or Alaska. I'm sorry.

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