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    I love Alaska!!! I think it's a beautiful name for a lil girl . Big plus : the nn Allie. If people can name their kids London, India etc why not Alaska ? I have Dakota on my list.

    Although I dont like the extra h on the name. I find it very unnecessary.

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    I don't think Alaska is that bad. It's not one I would chose, and it's definitely better without the h on the end.

    The only Alaska I have heard of was on the Bravo show Newlyweds: The first Year on Bravo, and Alaska was a man. I think it does sound pretty masculine, probably because of that.
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    I like the spelling of alaskah because it makes it a little different from the state.

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    I like it if the place has special meaning to you, because that's what I immediately think of when I see it.
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    I think if you're gonna use it, just spell it like the state. It's clearly a place name; I don't see any need to tack on the 'h'.

    Do you know the name Saskia? Has some of the same sounds and also happens to be gorgeous imo. Saskia Faith would be beautiful. Unless Alaska specifically holds some very special meaning for you.

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