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    Alaskah? Alaska? I love this name! what do you think?

    I really want to name my little girl Alaskah, what do you think? I just adore this name and im in love with the beautiful state, but haven't been there yet. I was thinking Faith for a middle name but I don't know. I was wondering what everyone thinks. Thanks

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    I am sorry, but honestly, I find Alaska to be a terribly tacky place name. Faith Alaska would be much prettier.

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    I don't like it. In general I'm not fond of place names and I have to agree with boyandgirl on the tacky comment. Also, if you're really set on it, at least spell it right. Alaskah just makes you seem like you can't spell, and it looks harsher than Alaska in my opinion. That's just my two cents though.
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    I think Alaska is much better than Alaska.
    My theory is other place names have caught on, why not somewhere as beautiful as Alaska.
    I've been there and it really is a beautiful country.
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    Why add the "h"? I also strongly dislike it with the "h", it just looks silly tbh.
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