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Thread: Gemma?

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    What are everyone's thoughts on the name Gemma? I never really considered the name until yesterday when I met an adorable little girl with this name. What about middle names that go with it? I'm kind of stuck on what sounds good paired with Gemma. Thanks!

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    I ADORE this name! So beautiful. Gemma Laurel and Gemma Therese come to mind.
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    I think Gemma is really cute and spunky! How about:

    Gemma Elise
    Gemma Catherine
    Gemma Caroline
    Gemma Rose
    Gemma Claire

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    I am OBSESSED with Gemma and heartbroken that my husband refuses to let me use it. you have to! it's adorable!

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    I love Gemma, and it would be at the top of my list for mine due in March (Should it be a girl), if I didn’t have a co-worker who recently named her daughter that. I love the meaning (precious gem) and if I was to use it I really like Gemma Grace. I know lots of Berries aren’t a huge fan of Grace in the middle, but I like it and really like the double G, but with each having a different sound.

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