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    Red face Jumping on the bandwagon!! Name the babies R1- (By bailibsmum)

    same info as the rest that are about.. I will post 6 fictional families that are expecting children. Given the criteria, you must name the baby/babies in each round. At the end of each round, I will pick the best name(s) from the contestants for each family. A new round will be started with the names chosen.

    Family #1-

    Shana Louise Miller & Samuel Adam Miller are expecting their first child together they have found out that they are having a boy! They want their son's name to begin with an S as theirs does and they would like a short and sharp middle name..


    Family #2-

    Jennifer Emily & Stefan Arthur Johnson are expecting a little girl. they want her first name to be unusual and unheard of and her middle name has to be as a tribute to Jennifer and start with an E.


    Family #3-

    Lucy Marie Harris & Jacob Simon Harris are expecting twin boys. Lucy would like twin 1 to have his first name start with an L after her and a middle name starting with S after Jacob.. Whereas Jacob wants twin 2 to have his first name start with a J and middle name starting with an M after Lucy..


    Family #4-

    Danielle Grace Walmsley & Richard Mark Walmsley are expecting boy/girl twins.. Danielle wants really unusual names.. and Richard wants Unisex names.. They have both decided that the boy with have an unisex name and an unusual middle name and the girl will have the opposite.. An unusual first name and a unisex middle name.



    Christa Jane Stevens & Russell David Stevens are expecting a little girl- Christa wants a 3 letter first name & a classic middle name that contains both a J and D as their middles begin with those letters.


    Family #6-
    Sophia Mae & Charlie John Garrett are expecting a little boy and they want him to have a nature first name and a mythical middle name.


    hope u enjoy. X

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