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    Unhappy Liking polar opposite styles!

    I've always loved boys names that are usually referred to as 'trendy.' While the girls names are always classic, vintage or continental. But I'm curious about how I could ever make that work in a sibling group.I know kids are individuals and eventually it won't matter that what their sister or brothers name is; but I find it hard to imagine how it would ever work

    Some boys names I like:

    #1 Ronan nicknamed Ro - It's a very special name to me hence why it has remained as my top boys name for so long
    Jace - This one probably seems a bit hit-and-miss; but I love it. I like Jason too, its dated and would probably suit a Greek mythology girls name (at least in my mind.) I'm not really into Greek mythology though.
    Jonas - Not a sibling for Ronan obviously.
    Logan - This one either.
    Finn/Flynn - I like both.

    Girls names I like (the complete contrast

    Diana (I'm not sure if this is dated?)


    The styles just don't work together
    "Jessie" Jessica Emily Faith
    Living in the land of Oz...
    Ronan: For the sake of spicy, little boys wearing plaid shirts, running around in kneeless jeans, playing in the mud and being mischievous.
    Combo Considerations:
    ★ Amara Kate ★ Jonas Michael Ellis★ Lorenzo "Enzo" River ★ Viviana Camille ★ Rowe Henry Robin ★ Thora Jewel ★ Luca Rowen Henry ★ Emmy Noelle ★ Bentley Reed ★ Mary Belle Aster ★ Anna Lora Lark★

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    Hi, sodallas!

    I feel your pain. I love lots of very whimsical and intricate girls names, but the boys' names I would use in real life are pretty traditional (i.e. Frederick). At first I thought this was a disadvantage, but I'm coming to realize that a mix of styles creates a really interesting sibset. I think what's most important is that you're giving children names that you love. Our worst nightmare as name-lovers is that our children will come to hate their names, right? But even if they do dislike their name, they will likely appreciate that you put so much effort and consideration into gifting them a name you love dearly.

    The advantage of having such strong, classic girls names on your list is that they pair with just about anything from the boys' side. Elisabeth and Ronan can be siblings as easily as Mirabel and Flynn. Clara and Jonas work as well as Logan and Elena. Admittedly, it may be a bit more difficult to see Petra with Jace or Diana with Blake. However, you have some true winning combinations in your lists.

    It seems like of your boys' names, you're most attached to Ronan. I think Ronan works best with Stella because they have the same levels of spunk and sophistication.

    If you're looking for other suggestions to match up your boys' style with your girls, what about these energetic yet more evergreen options:

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    I like Blake and think it would work nicely with Elisabeth and Clara.
    Favorites for future baby:
    Thomas Cyprian and Lucy Rebecca

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