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    Irish names have been done to death!!

    Ok so here's the deal...

    We're from Ireland & we wanted Irish names for our clan. The thing is there are some lovely names, ones that I'd happily choose for my bunch but.... everyone has them!! Names like


    Sorcha..... and so on

    Now when I say everyone has them, I literally mean EVERYONE HAS THOSE NAMES. Ireland is a wash with about 100 top Irish boys & girls names. The reason why people reuse the same names is because after the top 100 or so the names get a little.... hard to pronounce, spell or even quiet long like Proinsias pronounced 'pron + she + iss' is Irish from Frances. You won't find too many Proinsias' in the school yard. Or try pronounce Coinneach .... wrong .... its actually pronounced 'ko + in + ock' meaning Kenny, as in the Irish surname. Honestly if you stuck your head out the front door and shouted 'Liam/Jack/Conor/Cian your dinner is ready' you'd have the whole of Ireland in for tea!

    So we tried to be different & came up with Daíthi, pronounced 'Dah + he' which is Irish for David ('his' first name). Yeah we thought it was nice, Irish, not too 'crazy'... the only thing is it can be pronounced 'Dotty' .... which lets face it, is kinda girly. For a girl we came up with Róise, pronnounced 'Row-sha' meaning Rose. The problem with that name is it looks awfully like Rosie & I'm a little concerned people would end up calling her Rosie all her life. The fada's get lost sometimes on Irish names which completely changes the look and sound of the name.

    I'm disappointed to say the least. Disappointed that we ran out of names, disappointed that everyone else got there first & disappointed that we've no imagination. Don't get me wrong there are other names we like too that aren't Irish like Leo, Evan, Hugh, Oliver, Anna, Rosie, Leah etc. We just wanted a good strong Irish name to keep with the family... but ran out of ideas

    So berries, anyone out there have any thoughts on traditional Irish names? I should mention, this is our first, we don't know the sex & once we name the first an Irish name the ones to follow will also be Irish names.

    Cheers guys

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    How bout Flynn?

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    Some Irish names that you didn't list: Catriona, Fionnuala, Sadbh, Kyle, Darragh, and Cillian. Would any of those be uncommon enough for you? Alternately, you could use these super-common Irish names as middle names for your children while using non-Irish names as their firsts (like Hugh Declan or Oliver Tadhg or Anna Roisin).

    Also, how many of these are actually super-common in your area? Do you hear all of these seven times on a daily basis, or are there more Declans than Oisins and Liams? That may be a factor you'd want to consider.

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    Aonghus (I hope that's the correct spelling I'm not Irish) and Aine are the only 2 Irish names I don't think I saw mentioned.
    I knew a girl named after the princess whom the Galway river was named after. I checked Wikipedia and came back with Galva or Gaillimh. her nn was Gally and I can't remember what her actual name was but would it be worth investigating myths and minor Celtic dietys for inspiration?
    I think it's awesome that Irish names are used and appreciated in their native country... It's nice to have that strong cultural identity in an ever increasingly globalised world.

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    I wish I could be helpful but none of the names on your list really feel that popular to me here in the US.

    I assume these are much more common to you than they are to me: (I chose ones I found easy for me to pronounce without thinking about it too much, figured it might be a good standard if you are looking for names that translate well to the rest of the world).
    Ailís, Ailin, Alastar, Alva, Adine, Bellamy, Brigid, Conan, Desmond, Eamon, Emmett (ppl keep telling me this is popular but I've only meet one in RL), Eitna, Enda, Etaine, Ida, Keela, Malachi, Mona, Orin/Oran, Yesult/Iseult.

    the only other suggestion I have is to chose something that you think is beautiful but everyone else thinks is old fashioned.
    (Ex: I know one baby girl Ida and everyone in Germany thinks it beautiful but hopelessly outdated - I however think it's gorgeous and a brilliant choice).
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