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    lol Lexiem - There is a begillion Patricks and Padraig's running around, there all of an older generation though. Beautiful image you discribed of Malachy, I'm falling in love!

    grecianern - Erin and Shannon wouldn't be too popular in Ireland for reasons as you've said. Although I recently have a new baby cousin called Erin, so there's still a few around!

    Padraig Pearse was an activist who was one of the leaders of the Easter Rising in 1916. Considered to be more so a republican name rather than a name used in Northern Ireland. I'm in the south anyway so it wouldn't matter. I think its a beautiful name. Mam is all for the name Pearse & Emmett (she seems to think she's having the baby!)

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    Rachel_ann, yes Irish names are hard to translate from written form to spoken but once pp get the head around them it's fine. I worked in a bar called Kitty O'Sheas in NZ, and we had lots of Irish folk working with me. If I was introduced to them I could grasp their names fine, if I saw them written down I couldn't make head nor tail of them.
    But if or when your children travel they can always use a middle name or a phonetic spelling if it gets irritating. My friend Cathal goes by Dave (his mn) whereas Aonghus, Aine, gearoid, Conall and Siobhan all go by their proper names and dont seem too inconvenienced by it . (although Siobhan says she gets some weird guesses, And lazy people who don't try even after being corrected).
    Irish names are growing in popularity across the world so it's likely to be less of an issue when your kids are old enough to explore the world anyway.
    Good luck.
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    WDYT of Aisling (g) or Cormac (b)?

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    What about...

    Boy -
    Daimhín (da-veen)
    Ruarc (or Rourke)

    Girl -
    Ámhra (ahv-ra)
    Éile (ayl-ya)
    Geiléis - not sure how to pronounce this but I like the meaning, "bright swan"
    Gráinne (grahn-ya)
    Íonait (een-it)
    Órlaith (or-la)
    Réiltín (rayl-teen, "little star")
    Saorla (seer-la)


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    And English and French names haven't? Somehow Sean is more offensive to you than Christopher? Why would that be?

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