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    I'm not Irish so I can't help with traditional names but I wonder is it an option to use a noun as a personal name. Nature names often work really well in English even though they aren't popular names and I wonder if this would work for you as well. Trees, flowers, animals, landmarks would be a good place to start if you like this idea...

    In Australia where I live this is the approach that some indigenous people use to name their children. I have heard of children named from language words for kangaroo, rain, storm etc.

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    My fav Irish girls name is Eilish. I love so many boy Irish names. How about Shane, Ian, Liam?

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    Ladies (& perhaps gents) thank you so much for you replies & ideas.

    I left a good few names out of my original post as there were just too many to type. Ireland as you guys know, is a pretty small country with a reasonably small population. For a brief moment while writing my post I had forgotten this was a US site lol.

    Sandersc - Flynn is gorgeous but its a pretty big surname in Ireland as is Donovan. If Flynn was my surname I'd consider using it as a first name for our child - 'Flynn McGrane' sounds pretty cute ^.^

    Hermione - Catriona, Fionnuala, Sadbh, Darragh, and Cillian are actually (& this is no joke) pretty popular! Although Sadbh is on our list as its a beautiful name with a beautiful old story tied to it. Thank you for your post

    Tuitree - Aengus MacGrianna is a news caster in Ireland. Aonghus McGrane would be a little too similar lol. Áine is beautiful and is on our list, so thank you for that! And on your comment about using Irish names, do you find that some of them are difficult to pronounce? We're a tiny bit worried that an Irish name might be difficult for others abroad... should that matter?

    Lexiem - Malachy I really like. An old Irish name after a Saint in County Armagh. Is it a little.... how would you say.... 'diddly eye'? Malachy McGrane, does he sound like a red haired leparchan? I know that's a terrible thing to say! But I worry lol. As for you suggestion about choosing something beautiful yet old fashioned - brilliant! I'm thinking Pádraig, Irish for Patrick, pronounced 'Paw + rick'. That would be one of the older names or Séamus, meaning James?

    Mmljar - We have some names like that, Blathnaid (Blaw + nid) is a popular name for girls. It means flower which is really cute. Or Róis (Row + ish) means Rose.

    boyandgirl - Eilish is lovely, considered to be quiet an old fashioned name though, as in there's a lot of older ladies called Eilish. I've 2 cousins called Shane & Liam. To be honest I've 86 first cousins and counting with mostly Irish names so its going to be tough finding one thats not taken!! lol

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    Wow... I hope you find something that works for you.

    I'm Erin with a sister Shannon. My only Irish friend, Sorcha (which I had no idea was even popular) laughed and told me that no one in Ireland has these names, since it would be like naming children America and Mississippi (after the major river.)

    I love my friend's son's name: Dallan. With an accent over the 2nd "a". and she has a niece Caoimhe, that's pronounced Kee-va, who has a twin Pearse. Her siblings are Niall and Bronagh, and Siobhan, which I've always loved.

    Other than that, all the names seem fairly common - Johns, Darrens, Gavin, Ciara, Bridget, Brigid....
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    I'm glad I could help some. And actually I don't see Malachy as leprechaun-y. I think it's strongly pulled away from that association by the biblical Malachi. I actually think of Malachy as solemn, dark and handsome. Someone who pulls from within to make decisions about right and wrong and whose sense of morality is strong. Tall and strong; a gentle guardian with powerful angels wings and a soft and budding laughter that infects ones heart with bliss.

    Oh, Pádraig is so incredibly handsome and I love this old Irish version much more than the more contemporary Patrick. I would have suggested it but figured there might be a begillion Patricks and Pádraig's running around in Ireland. (Maybe that's just a stupid American stereo-type though - Patrick is like one of the ultimate Irish names here with St Paddy's day and all). I also really like James (nn Jamie) and I think it could be a great "modern" spelled mn for a more uncommon fn. (Malachy James comes to mind).
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