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    Never thought it would be this hard! Which one?

    Ok, so the goal here is to find my winner! it's been a tough slog but feels like I'm almost there... Baby is imminent so I need as many votes as possible to help me decide please! I can't face the uncertainty of not having a name pre-decided.


    James is my grandfather's name & his grandfather. I love love this name, & for the family tie, but DH is slightly less enamoured with it as I am.

    Lukah is our international choice as DH is eastern European hence the 'k' spelling. It is obviously way less common than James which we like, and is perhaps more interesting/fresh without being too trendy. Feels like a handsome name & I like the biblical nn Luke.

    Most likely combos will be:

    Lukah James
    James Donal(d) or James Lukah

    Really really appreciate your opinion & deciding vote. Thanks in advance.

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    I like both names, but I feel if you were to use Lukah it might trip up some people with the spelling. Luka would probably be a better choice as it still retains the eastern european vibe and makes it easier for everyone. Plus the Luka spelling is more familiar.

    So I would cast my preferences like this:

    Luka James
    James Luka
    James Donald
    James Lukah
    Lukah James

    Hopefully that helped
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    I agree with sunshine kid. But I would just spell Luca.
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    Thank you for yr advice Sunshine kid, and ella17, spelling Luka with the K is a given but I figure that once he's known by people they'll simply know that it's spelt this way. I have a hugely popular/common name and I still find people check the spelling. James however does eliminate that issue but then it's a common name & will he get known as James (+surname initial)? Mind you I have never minded meeting others with my name. Ooh the decisions!?! I love both for their individual qualities, hence why I'm relying on berries feedback & votes.

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    I voted for James, I love that name. But my real reason was bc of the spelling of Lukah - I understand your reasoning and it makes perfect sense, however my son's name is ALWAYS spelled wrong and it's really annoying to me. On the flip side, I've heard people argue that it happens with most every name, so to your point, once people get used to it then they will know. For me, personally, I am very sensitive about people spelling his name wrong, but it's really not the end of the world. All I know is for my next child I am going to make the name very simple!

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