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Thread: Maeby?

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    How do you feel about Maeby as sister to Henry?

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    Maeby is my daughter's name! While pairing it with another girl name, I feel that it needs to be another one that is very uncommon. However, I don't have the same idea with boys names. I like unique boys names, but more mainstream. Thatcher, Ledger, Gannon, Landry - all fit in with popular boy names today. I think Maeby and Henry would be adorable! But, I must say, I am a little biased!
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    In Arrested Development, Maeby is a nickname for Mae. I think Mae nn Maeby would make an adorable sister to Henry!

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    Henry is a classic. Maeby sounds trendy and like the word "maybe". I don't think it has the enduring quality of Henry. I also find it somewhat childish in sound so I don't think it would age well. Another issue is that Henry and Maeby both end in the same "ee" sound. Mae or Maeve would be better options with the handome Henry.
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    I have to admit, I'm not a fan of Maeby. I like word names, but maybe isn't really one of those positive words, it's really a nothing word. In the show, her name is a bit of a joke. She pretends to be a girl named Surely who suffers from the disease BS. It's supposed to be funny. Maeby isn't even her real name, it's Mae. Also, her romantic love interests are her cousins! I'm sorry, she's a hilarious character, but not really one I'd name my child after.

    Personally, I'd go the Mae route. Mae and Henry sound wonderful together. They're both vintage names. Henry and Maeby don't go well together. Maeby sounds modern and trendy, Henry classic. Mae nn Maeby is cute, but a grown woman named Maeby just doesn't work for me. It sounds so young. You could even give her a B middle, if you really want Maeby to be her nick name.

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