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    Quote Originally Posted by mclevine View Post
    Zenoviy is zehn-noh-vee-i, first part like in Zenobia and y like in way. Zenovia is a Russian version of Zenobia and Zenoviy is a male form.
    Hold up. Sorry. My American accent doesn't like the 'iy' part here. zehn-oh-vee-ih, with a short I sound? or a long I sound? When I say 'way,' the dipthong is wah-ee.

    @gailk, sorry, my original post was a bit confusing with the girl's names included. I thought about leaving them off, but figured people would ask since I mentioned them anyway. And yes, Dash-ell, haha.

    Picks from this wave:

    Damien (I feel like this name is REALLY popular? Too much YA lit interaction, I think...)
    Everard (@saracita00, WHERE did you find this? I LOVE it!)
    Jacobe (@chrisco, pronunciation?)

    You guys are coming up with some great names!

    EDIT: @mrstoon, I see Bradbury in your signature there! Scrolling up it caught my eye and I was like HOLDUP. WHO DID THAT. Love it! So cool! Now I need to read more of his books, so I can feel better about considering that name...
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    Hold up. Sorry. My American accent doesn't like the 'iy' part here. zehn-oh-vee-ih, with a short I sound? or a long I sound? When I say 'way,' the dipthong is wah-ee.
    Uh oh, it's hard to explain because there are letters in Russian ABC that don't exist in English. Zeen-oh-vee-ih/zen-oh-vee-ih(pick one you like better, in different parts of Russia they pronounce it differently, with ee or short e sound), very short "IH"...By "ih/iy" I mean something similar to "y" part in "joy".
    OK, I googled and found a Russian pronunciation guide, their prn is very similar to mine; here are the cyrillic letters, the alphabet and Zenoviy ends in cyrillic letter "Й"(NOT И), you can find the symbol and maybe listening to prn(audio) will help you understand what I mean by "ih".
    Link is If you are interested in full name, it's Зеновий/Зиновий in cyrillic.
    Sorry for being stupid and not able to explain correctly, I hope you aren't mad at me.

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    Jacobe is (juh-COH-bee), so the stress is on a different syllable than Jacob. There are also spellings Jacobi, Jacoby, and I believe there is a Jacopi : )
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    Everard is so handsome and princely (I very nearly just nicked it for my own list...)! But the 'ever-hard' joke might come up quite a lot, at school especially...

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