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  • Athena Sage

    16 34.04%
  • Indira Sage

    33 70.21%
  • Other (please comment below)

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    Red face Indira vs Athena

    Last thread about this, I pinky swear.

    Athena and Indira (we would pronounce Indira "In-deer-a") are head-to-head for us for this baby girl! We love them both. Please place your vote & feel free to leave any comments/suggestions.

    Our daughter's name is Azula Rosemary.

    Our favourite boys' names are Atlas, Ender, Fox, Erickson & Archer. In case that would hold any sway.
    We intend to have 3-4 children.

    Thanks again!
    I love hearing all your comments and input.

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    I would have voted for Athena, but with Atlas on your boy list I feel that a sibset of Azula, Athena, and Atlas would be mismatched due to mythology. Also, using another A name might box you in, if that kind of thing matters to you. (I'm always questioning sibsets like Kelly, Kevin, and Thomas)...

    Indira and Azula fit perfectly together for me -- I've never met either, they both sound naturey and very cool. They have similar sounds, with the hard D and Z followed by the soft R and L, with the A to cap both off. Two peas in a pod.
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    I voted Athena as to me it seems more unique.
    I grew up in an area with a decent population of persons of Indian descent and Indira was a fairly common name. It actually is the name of a really cheap salon I used to get my eyebrows waxed at.

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    Both names are lovely, but I'm not a fan of matching initials, so I voted for Azula & Indira.
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    I like both names, but I think I would vote for Indira Sage because 1) It doesn't box you into a particular sibset "A initials" and 2) Indy is such a sweet nickname
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