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    I'm really crushing on Irie right now... Listed on nameberry as a name in itself of Jamaican origin....I would only use it as a nn. But I've been a bit stumped in finding something I love as a longer version for Irie... I was hoping you guys could help! The best idea I've had yet is Iris which I do REALLY like but don't LOVE! Also wondered about using it for Isadora (a name I love) but it seems a stretch when Isadora has so many other more intuitive nn's! Any other ideas or general thoughts on Irie!

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    I am from the Caribbean (born there but no longer living there) and quite honestly that name will be well received in Jamaica. No I am not from Jamaica but I've been there, have friends that still live there and it is a name that evokes positive connotations.
    Aside from that, as it is a Rastafarian name for those familiar with the term it will evoke a 'weed smoking hippie' vibe as the name did originate from the rastas and they smoke lots and lots of weed. So there will be a sample of the population that will judge you and you child for using that name.

    But unless you plan on visiting Jamaica that connotation should be irrelevant.
    I just chimed in to give some historical/geographical insight on the name.

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    Btw... this is not a name used in the Caribbean, ever. (no clue where nameberry got that from, it is a word in the Caribbean not a name) We're not big on word names and as alot of Indians live there the Saffron spice is cheap and easily accessible so the name Saffron would honestly have the parents ostracized.
    In the Caribbean the only pronunciation for Irie is Eye-ree. (not sure how much the outside world is knowledgable on Jamaican culture)
    And Irie does not mean positive and powerful, it would more closely translate to Hakuna Matata (no worries, stress free)
    ... which would explain the instant stoner connotation

    I actually thought of Irene as full name for Irie. Or even Irina (though I am not exactly sure how it pronounced, I have heard Ee-ray-nah as a pronunciation for model Irina Shayk).
    I think Isadora should be a good nickname for Irie though.
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    When I read it I thought it would be pronounced 'eerie', and by that token I would rather choose Irina (pronounced eereenah).

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    Whenever I see Irie I think of Ireland nn Irie. Cute.
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