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    Quote Originally Posted by pacifica View Post
    Churchill is a little much. I think it's the "church" part turning me off. William is a nice name, but it seems rather nondescript. There are many William's in history, more than can even be counted, but Lincoln or Calvin paint a clearer picture of whom they're honoring because they are less common.
    Fantastic advice.
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    Am I correct to assume that Churchill is in honor of Winston Churchill? (You know what they say about assumptions. ) If so, perhaps it'd be better to just use Winston. I think Winston works with David in the middle and is still more distinctive than William.
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    Churchill would be better in the middle spot because some surnames just don't work as first names. What's wrong with Winston as a first name? Lincoln, Calvin and Winston would be a fine trio. There is also Randolph and Spencer which are Churchill family names.
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    William David is lovely!

    Winston David would also work well to honor Churchill. And is a bit more unusual so it fits nicely with Lincoln and Calvin.
    I agree with the others that Churchill is a bit much as a first name.
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    I agree that Winston would be fantastic! If not, I would go with William David. Imagine a little boy going through life as Churchill.

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