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  • Eulalie Isabel Fleur

    16 45.71%
  • Eulalie Isabel Grey

    3 8.57%
  • Eulalie Evelyn Fleur

    8 22.86%
  • Eulalie Evelyn Grey

    5 14.29%
  • Eulalie Vera Grey

    3 8.57%
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    Two middle names for Eulalie

    Eulalie is our favorite girl name (we will be pronouncing it you-lay-lee) and we decided to give our top boy options two middle names:

    Casper James Glen
    Alder Franklin Grey
    Soren Alder Grey

    So now we would like to find a middle name combo for Eulalie! Which do you prefer? Also let me know if you prefer a different Isabel spelling. It might make more sense to have the French spelling Isabelle
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    May I ask if there's a story behind why you've chosen this name?

    I've never heard of it before, and I automatically misread it as "Eulogy." (Sad!)

    I love some of the middle name combos as simply first-middles—Evelyn Fleur is absolutely lovely! Vera Grey is chic and striking. If I had to pick a first-middle-middle combo out of all of these names *and* include "Eulalie" it would be: Isabel Eulalie Grey.
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    I don't know exactly how or why but Eulalie has stuck with me for months now and I just can't shake it..despite all the hate and ukulele/eulogy references! My father was a musician my mother an artist and there's this whimsical melodic flow ...the end dances off your tongue. The "you" is different and unique / I can appreciate this. And somehow my husband liked it too! Perhaps its because he is always rooting for the underdog and/or he is just really supportive of me

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    Eulalie is so pretty, its always been one of my favourites. Its such a magical name, it always makes me think of the beautiful Edgar Allen Poe poem. I particularly like it with Fleur so i'd go with either one of the Fleur combos
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