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    I love Claire as a first name as it is so sweat. What about Clarabelle Donna? I am not a big fan of Onna as I think it will be mistaken for Anna a lot. There are many variations of Donna that are a possibility like Donita, Donnella, or Madonna. I do like Claire Madonna Spearman.

    I think boys names with a soft sounds tone down the he-man sound of the last name. S, J, Ch, F, L and Th names would work well.

    Theo Spearman
    Lyle Spearman
    Felix Spearman
    Jonah Spearman
    Charles Spearman

    And for the s's, I like

    Shane Spearman
    Saul Spearman
    Sawyer Spearman
    Scully Soearman
    Shaw Spearman
    Sweeney Spearman
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    Quote Originally Posted by giinkies View Post
    If you want to honor your mother, The name Donna means 'lady' and here is a list of names containing Lady

    If you want an indirect nod to her name
    I love the name Lola. As @giinkies said, using something with the same meaning is an indirect nod to your mother. How you like Lola Claire?
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