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    Smile Tricky Last Name... Help!

    My husband and I recently found out I got pregnant on our honeymoon! I've barely had time to fully adjust to my new last name and am now trying to find baby names that go well with it

    The name is Spearman (pretty manly huh)

    .....which might make some pretty killer boy names or might make some boy names that sound like killers! I need help finding a manly name that doesn't sound too violent. We also need some pretty feminine girls names to pull of this tricky last name. Please help!

    My Husband LOVES Claire Elise as a first and middle but it is a tad plain for me
    I love Onna Lee ( to honor my mom Donna Marie) or some further variation Onnalee, Onnali, Onnaly
    and a I think a boys name that started with S would be catchy like Sullivan Spearman, or something less trendy. I also like Orion as both I and the name are Greek and some softer names like Nahum which means 'comforter' in Hebrew

    any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated!

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    I think Annalee or Annaliese (because then your husband gets the 'Elise' part) would be gorgeous with Spearman: Annaliese Claire Spearman.
    Rebecca Onnalee Spearman
    Imogen Onnalee Spearman
    Lucinda Elise Spearman
    Rosemarie (for your mother) Claire Spearman

    Joshua Spearman
    Solomon Spearman
    Sebastian Spearman
    Silas Spearman
    Seth Spearman
    Stephen Spearman

    Best of luck! And congratulations

    twenty-two | law student

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    Alexander Orion Spearman & Honore Claire Spearman?

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    Our last name is Spaulding. My personal baby naming rules will be that no name can end with an "S", "C", or an "X". With a last name that starts with an "S", those letters just sound too sssnakey. For example, Claire Elise Spearman. Where does the "S" at the end of Elise end and the "S" of Spearman begin? Annalise Spearman sounds like the name never ends- like no separation of first and last names. Too much "Sssss." Or like for us to name a kid "Alex Spaulding"...I could just hear it for life: "Did you say Alec or Alex?" (Which is the same reason for "no C's.") So, when I name my kids I'm avoiding the never-ending "ssssss" sound. Lol. I think Spearman is a nice last name! Just pair it with something that is pleasant sounding to you.

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    If you want to honor your mother, The name Donna means 'lady' and here is a list of names containing Lady

    If you want an indirect nod to her name

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