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    Arrow Team Green baby is coming... what do you think?

    My son Eli Benjamin is named after his both great-grandfathers (the initials E and B). This fall, he is getting a little brother or sister.. That's right, we're keeping it a surprise. This time I'd like to honor my grandmother Sophia, so we kind of settled on Samuel Asher for a boy, and Sophia Madeline for a girl. Both DH and I really like these names. My only beef is with Sophia.. well you know. It's, like, #1 on the popular list. Yeah. Some days I want to pretend I don't care because it's my grandmother's name and it's a name that I really love (of all the S names out there), but of course I'm cringing at the thought of her being just another Sophia on the block. So we've recently found another name we really like, Charlotte Grey. It doesn't honor anybody, it's just a cool combo that flows well and just a bit more uncommon, and we both like it. But now I'm torn about what to do. I've gotten so used to Sophia in my head that this just feels weird. Plus, not honoring my grandmother... On the other hand I'm freshly fallen in love with the spunkier Charlotte Grey... But does it even go with my son's name? Is it too.... somber? Any other thoughts? What should I do?

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    I think they're both really lovely names and either Sophia or Charlotte would make a nice sibset with Eli. Charlotte is also quite popular and has risen quickly (it was 19 last year), though it does offer some more nickname options if you want something more unique. I understand your hesitation with a name as popular as Sophia, but I think honor trumps that and you might regret not honoring your grandmother. Maybe you should look at the popularity of the name in your particular state?
    Another option might be to pick a girl name with an S that would honor your grandmother, but isn't quite as popular as Sophia. Stella, Skylar, Susanna, Sonia, etc. Sonia would be nice, it's quite close to Sophia. Eli and Sonia.

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    I think both Sophia and Charlotte go well with Eli, but of the two I prefer Sophia. Sophia Grey might give you some of that spunk you prefer, or Sophie Grey. It's a family name with a great meaning and a beautiful sound. I'd go for the one that you love most, that fits her best.

    I personally know more Charlottes than Sophias.

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    Samuel is a great name. I love the name Sophia but if you look it's not just number 1 but the actual number of births in the last few years is over 40,000 baby girls named that in the US. Look at the ssi baby name website and select number of births for 2011 and 2012, plus its spelled Sofia also which adds thousands more if you look further on the list. I would use it as a middle name. I almost did but because of the initials i could not. Perhaps Madeline Sophia ? Think that is lovely name.
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    Charlotte Grey is just incredibly gorgeous. Classy, spunky, adorable...I would use it in a heartbeat!

    I second the idea of Sonia though. It's sweet like Sophia, not nearly as common, looks similar to Sophia, AND has the same meaning. It's pretty ideal.

    If you do go with Sophia, I would use a less common name for her middle, instead of Madeline. Maybe...
    Sophia Magdalen
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    Sophia Morrigan
    Sophia Emmeline

    Samuel Asher goes very well with Eli Benjamin!

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