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    Thanks for the help! Those are some great ideas. I like the sound of Solomon Spearman just can't shake the association with the 700 wives
    Andrealyn- well put! I completely agree with those rules!

    Some other names we like are
    Ellawyn or Elawyn or Ellowyn

    Johanan (but I can't rationalize using the J sound that I like better)

    Are these too odd?

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    Claire Elise is perfectly di vine! I think it is soooo sweet when a father actually has an opinion on their little girl's name. I do understand wanting to honor your mother as well. I love the suggestion of Annelise as well.

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    I'm loving Nahum if you have a boy! Noah is in, so why not Nahum?

    Unfortunately, I would relegate Orion to the middle slot if paired with Spearman...

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    Mrs. Spearman,

    With a 2-syllable last name beginning with an consonant, I'd suggest a few things.

    First, I'd go with a 1-syllable or 3-syllable first or middle name combination to have a 1-3-2 syllable count or 3-2-1 syllable count. It seems best and doesn't sound to monotone like a 2-2-2 syllable count.

    Second, I'd avoid a middle name that starts with a vowel so that your child's initials don't spell anything like LES, SOS or SIS (especially since you said you may want a first name that starts with S), and the like. I'd also avoid first names that end with S as well.

    Third, word or nature names would be challenging. Lark Spearman, Snow Spearman, or Wilder Spearman sounds more like a thing than a person.

    Here are a few lists that may get you started:

    Best Cool Unusual Girls Names (not as plain as Claire)

    Yupster Baby Names For Boys (something less trend resistant than Sullivan)
    * 5 easy ways to judge a baby name

    * 21 other baby name rules worth following

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