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Thread: Halloween!

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    Thatkatryngirl I see what ya mean about thre mermaid! I thought of that but was leaning more towards a little cherub baby since I think the little butt pictures with wings & a flower halo would be adorable & probly a little much at any other age aha & I didnt think of having her paint pumkins what a great idea!

    Feberin, I saw a picture of a baby ewok - how adorably cute like little wobbling bears aha!

    Dantea im not sure what sahmhain is lol but I love that everyone is doing something, & if you have pictures shell love it when shes older!

    Grecianer more themes, I wish more people dressed up like that in my area! & congrats on the twins I think itd be adorable.. Id love twins!

    Carrotcotiandrer no worries, I think its adorable. I woulda loved to dress up last year but I was too dedicated to work, hmpf. & if your bump is visible in something I think thats cute but so is baby included themes I sae alot on pintrist!

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    Samhain is a festival celebrated by pagans, it's the original Halloween.

    I'm planning on dressing Baba up as a teeny tiny star, kitten or baby witchlet, depending on my own costume. We're having the party at our house as all our friends think it's spooky and out street usually goes all out on this particular night, everyone decorates and dresses up, and there's lots of little trick or treaters about.
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    We go trick-or-treating at Grampa's office and then in my best friend's neighborhood. I also get professional photos of him dressed up every year because they turn out adorable. That might be a bit overboard, but at least I end up getting my money's worth from the costumes. =]
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    Thank you ottilie! I assumed it was something related but wasnt totally sure, & I never saw a baby star!

    & domsmom I think theyre so worth it. To me its like birthdays they only come once a year might as well go all out - esp if you want them to enjoy it later in life too. I think its fun, & 4 halloweens already, I cant wait to watch her grow like that & understand!

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    It will be my daughter's first halloween and i want it to be super special . My BF isnt into the costume thing so only me & Wolfie will dress up .My sis will come with me also . My girl will be the Snow White , i one of the dwarfs & my sis an apple Althought i dont know if i can fit in the costume with my little bump .

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