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Thread: Halloween!

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    What's your lil ones wearing & what is your favorite activities to do with them?

    My daughter will be six months for her first halloween & I'm so excited (even though she pronounced don't be too interested yet! )

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    My little girl (5) and boy (2) will be firefighters! They've been obsessed with firefighters since a wildfire swept thru our community a couple months ago. I'm going to try and make my daughter's costume girly with a red and orange tutu and a bejeweled helmet. I think the baby (4mos) will be a Dalmatian! We usually participate in our church's trunk or treat festival. It's safer and more fun with games and bouncy houses.

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    I was thinking it would be fun for my husband and I to dress up as the March Hare and the Mad Hatter, and dress Azula up as Alice. I haven't decided just yet, but that would be a fairly easy ensemble. We will be going trick-or treating & then presumably to a Halloween party that one of our friends will inevitably have.
    She'll be around 16 months so a little too young for most Halloween fun. Obviously we'll take her to the pumpkin patch, and maybe to a Halloween Train (there's a park near our house with a little train you can ride & they deck it all out for Halloween) but we probably won't do much else.
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    This will be Ivan's first Halloween, so my SO is coming to visit and we'll definitely go trick-or-treating. Ivan is going to be a shark, my SO wants to be a narwhal, and I was thinking of going as a jelly fish. Besides trick-or-treating, we'll probably just have lots of family snuggle time.
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    My daughter will only be 4 months, so she'll be too young to enjoy it, but that doesn't mean I won't! We're going to her grandma (and 10 yr old aunt)'s annual Halloween party, and will go to a few harvest festivals in our area. I'm making her a sheep costume and will probably make her an octopus one and maybe a fairy as well.
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