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    Strange Question- Belly Button Pain

    I am 18 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first, and starting yesterday, I got this extreme pain in my belly button. But it is not consistent pain, it is only if touched. Right above my belly button, and sometimes to the left and below. The more I touched it to see if it was still painful, the more it hurt. By the time I got home from work and showed my husband where it hurt, when I touched it, I couldn't help but yell 'ouch'- just wasnt expecting that much pain! This morning it didnt hurt right away when I tried touching it, but after feeling around for a minute, it started to hurt more. I heard belly button pain/sensitivity can be big during pregnancy- has anyone experienced this? Do you think it is anything to worry about? I think im going to call my dr this morning just to be safe. But just curious if anyone can offer some peace of mind that this is normal!

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    I did have some belly button pain, similar to your description (when touched) which the dr said was normal...but it wasn't that severe at all, so I'd definitely check!
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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