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Thread: Halloween!

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    This is my sons 4th Halloween. He was a lobster year 1, we dressed up as chefs (twisted, but fun. People loved it Year 2 he was Boober Fraggle. It was epic and I was so proud of how his costume turned out. Year 3 he was a pumpkin. He begged and begged for it, and it was (as it always is with every kid) adorable. This year he really, really wants to be red popsicle. I'm excited, I hope it turns out well this year too. I guess we'll find out next week when I make it!

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    My little Henry is going to be a cookie and i'm going to be the cookie monster with my belly painted as a cookie as well. My husband came up with the idea. My step daughters are going to be a peacock and an owl!
    We went to the pumpkin patch today since we had the girls. We all picked pumpkins and then we went through the little corn maze they have there. Next weekend we are gonna paint/glitter our pumpkins! Much easier than carving, but not so sure its any cleaner haha. For halloween we will be going to the harvest carnival at our church! Much safer and more fun than trick or treating.

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