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Thread: Halloween!

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    My almost three year old daughter is obsessed with Curious George, so I'm making her a "Man with the Yellow Hat" costume. My husband will be away, otherwise I was going to insist on him wearing a monkey suit...which is particularily funny because he is 6'7" (199 cm).

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    My daughter is going as a soccer player (she's not really into dressing up this year She's just wearing her team's soccer jersey), Gavin is going as a viking, and Boden is going as a skunk, lol. Silas still can't decide, but he's leaning toward dressing up as a thunderstorm. If you are looking for cute and uncommon ideas, one of my nieces is going as a s'more. Another one of my nieces is going as a cherry pie.

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    Nick will be a shark. My husband's mom is making his costume. Last year he was a panda and the year before that he was a hedgehog. (yes, a hedgehog.) He likes animals, can you tell? Haha
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    Ari, who is four, is going to be an Indian, and Logan (3) is going to be an alien.
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    Thea can't decide between an Indian and Wendy Darling, and Stephen is going to be Peter Pan. Last year, Thea was little red riding hood and Stephen was the little drummer boy. The year before that, Stephen was sick and stayed home with me, and Thea was Madeline from the books/movie/tv series. That was our first halloween to celebrate. The one before that, Thea was very young and Stephen wasn't born yet. We were out of town anyways. You all have some great ideas!
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