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Thread: Halloween!

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    Apr 2013
    I spent the Halloween I was expecting in bed with a migraine I hadn't planned on dressing up, but wanted to paint my face like a sugar skull
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    Matilda wants to be Hermione Grainger from Harry Potter, Eloise wants to be Batman, Walter wants to be a Care Bear. So far we have a few baby costumes to chose from for the twins, I'm thinking a lobster and a chef.
    I'm going to be a basketball (since I'm almost there anyway) and my hubby wants to go as Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.
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    I'm back because we have costumes picked! For trick-or-treating with my sister and Persephone: The babies a lion and Cody and I are Zebras.

    For the adult halloween party, I'm going to be a sexy pirate. :P -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Ahh so much fun! I'm so excited. Everyone sounds like they are gonna have a blast. Im still undecided! But I thought of some things to do with his her. I'm gonna have her paint pumkins & im gonna crave one out so she can sit in it & also goto the zoo dressed up but that's all I really gor since she's so young :/

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    We are still pondering for our boys (not that it matters because Halloween isn't really celebrated here) but one of the cutest baby costumes I've seen online is sushi. Unfortunately I saw it too late to do it for our boys but such a cute idea for non-mobile babies that you will be pushing around in stroller.
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