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Thread: Halloween!

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    Last year when she was 2, Maeby loved candy corn so she was a piece of candy corn for Halloween. My mother made her an A-line dress that was yellow, orange, and white. She had a ton of fun trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and saying thank you to everyone. One neighbor is a DJ so he had music playing and she loved dancing.

    This year, we've moved but we will still trick-or-treat somewhere locally. She told us she wants to be a witch (she loves to hex people!). She will also have a party at preschool with all her little friends.
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    Persephone will be 4 months. She doesn't care about Samhain obviously, but I do! I love the trick or treating (I'll be going with my sister) and it will be my first Samhain ritual as a Priestess and I'm looking forward to it.

    She's going to be a lion! I'm looking forward to feasting and bonfires all night since she's too young to trick or treat. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Our plan is that Patrick will be Yoda and Mary will be a ewok. However now Patrick is saying he wants to be a fireman like he was last year but he broke his fire hat by throwing it down the stairs so I'm not sure what we'll end up doing.
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    What about mummy's to be are any of you dressing up? I'm looking for ideas as will be about 21 weeks then and love Halloween so need a costume for me and bump. Thinking a cat or skeleton as can get a stretchy all in one and should be ok, or should I dress to include bump. - sorry for crashing your thread x
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    Weston was a bat for his first halloween, and he was 3 months old.

    This year, he wants to be Spiderman.
    Last year he was Captain America, I was a monster, Daddy was a from, and Auntie was a peacock. We all trick or treated the neighborhood and the Zoo.
    We were Toy Story the year before that. Weston was Woody, I was Jessie, Daddy was Buzz, and Auntie was Rex.

    since I am not dressing up, I'm making a skeleton shirt with 2 baby skeletons! yay Pinterest and Etsy.

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