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    Name the Babies R5 (by meganlee2012)

    If you've never played, the rules are simple. I will post 6 fictional families that are expecting children. Given the criteria, you must name the baby/babies in each round. At the end of each round, I will pick the best name(s) from the contestants for each family. A new round will be started with the names chosen. Have fun!

    Family #1

    Kayla Elizabeth Stewart & Jordan Paul Stewart are expecting another girl. Her first name must begin with a vowel, just like all her big sisters & brothers, and should also be six letters long. Her middle name should be one syllable and not start with the letters K, M, P, R, or J.

    DD: Amelia Kaye [niiskuneiti]
    DD: Eloise Maeve [niiskuneiti]
    DS/DD: Oliver Paul & Imogen Rose [bb]
    DS: Isaiah James [sofiacapricorn87]

    Family #2

    Sarah Charlotte King and Logan Matthew King are expecting a girl. Sarah & Logan would like their daughters first name to be food related since they spend a lot of time in the restaurant they own. She should have two middle names, one beginning with T after Sarah's best friend Taylor, & one beginning with a C after Logan's best friend Clayton.

    DS: Ash Randolph [oboeplayer1]
    DD: Marina Bay Samantha [kickinkay]
    DD: Montana Sunny Lauren [shanade213]
    DS/DD: Lucca Finley & Paris Natalia Erin [babynamingbailey]

    Family #3

    Camille Rose Carter and Joseph Evan Carter are completing their family with another baby boy. His first name should be uncommon but have a good nickname to go with it. It should not start with the letters H, M, L, P, or V. His middle name must start with the letter W.

    DS: Houston William "Hugh" [emilydanielle]
    DS: Maxfield Wyatt "Max" [katekadleck & hayitzsophia]
    DD/DD: Lorelei Jasmine & Philippa Jade "Lola & Pippa" [niiskuneiti]
    DD: Viviana Jolie "Vivi" [niiskuneiti]

    Family #4

    Isabella Madison Young and Andrew James Young are expecting one more sweet baby girl. Her first name should continue the music theme and be that of a musician. Her middle name should be a classic name that is two syllables long.

    DD: Etta Louise [shanade213 & bb]
    DS: Miles Jacob [shanade213]
    DD: Presley Celeste [emilydanielle]
    DS/DS: Henley Thomas & Graham Michael [angeline]

    Family #5

    Kylee Peyton Brown and Jake Miller Brown are expecting twin girls. Their first names should also be 4 letters long. Their first names should also "go with" their brothers & sister names. Kylee and Jake would like their middle names to be unisex names like Kylee's.

    DS: Joel Harrison [mandyjai13]
    DS: Owen Larson [mam2321]
    DS/DS: Ryan Bennett & Seth Robinson [mystiquedeep]
    DD: Lyla Parker [shanade213]

    Family #6

    Natalie Mae Campbell and Quinn Isaiah Campbell are expecting a baby boy. His first names should be unisex & not start with any of the letters that his siblings do. His middle name should be in the top 100 names.

    DAD: Addison Valentina [ariana]
    DAD: Elliot Claire [emilydanielle]
    DD: Avery Scarlett [alyssalorraine]
    DAS: Logan Manahan [s_dimples]
    DD/DD: Riley Natalia & Bailey Quinn [fiammetta]
    Favorite Girls: Delilah, Emerson, Esme, Fiona, Greer, Hadley, Harper, Indie, Isla, Maisie, Mila, Navy, Penelope, Piper, Poppy, Quinn, Sloane, Sutton, Tallulah, Wren

    Favorite Boys: August, Bennett, Carter, Declan, Elliot, Everett, Ezra, Ford, Grayson, Harrison, Henry, Jasper, Jude, Malcolm, Maxwell, Miles, Oliver, Owen, Sebastian, Theodore

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