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    vc2013: Yes, we have connections. Once you put otgether all the nationalities (that we've been able to trace back), my kid is going to be such a mutt! Well, I suppose he won't be German (think more like Austrian/Czech) but we do have Japanese heritage. Though I'm not too fussed about having to be the same nationality. For example I have Lorcan and Rafferty on my list, but I'm not Irish (Scottish and Welsh though, yes).

    I think Zen's a great name too. I like the meaning the term holds. Sailor is a nice name, my only problem is that I've heard it mostly on girls, and so I'm not sold for that reason. Mariner sounds definitely masculine to me, and I like the sound of it.

    As much as I love Princess Bride, you have a point there that it may be too Montoya and not a serious enough name. I'm just lucky my last name is one-syllable, because in that way it pairs well with a good array of options.

    mimiottowa: As far as I know, it is. I know a male by that name, but a friend of mine had a friend (female) named it too. Is Foster Sebastian too hard to say, though?

    rkrd: I'll consider this combo, as it sounds nice!

    hermione_vader: I was wondering if I was going to have to train myself to use just the more common pronunciation. I find lay-O so charming, and he'd be raised with French language, so it seemed more relevant for that reason.
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    fiammetta Guest
    Although I don't personally like some of these names, I've always found your taste so intriguing, intricate and beautiful.

    Leo Shinobu Twiss - Lovely, I naturally pronounce Leo with the lee-o pronunciation, except when in relation to you as I know you prefer and pronounce it lay-o.
    Cyrus Oberon Twiss - Cyrus is quirky! I'm not sure whether I like it or not. Oberon's lovely.
    Alfred Silvan Twiss - I'd prefer a longer middle (or longer first), but I like both of these names. I prefer the Sylvan spelling however.
    Harlan Barnaby Twiss - Harlan is nice, and I love Barnaby.
    Kendrick Zen Twiss – I've never been a fan of Ken- names, but that's just me. Zen is spunky.
    Felix Rafferty Twiss - My absolute favourite. Rafferty has been my middle name for Felix ever since Felix has been on my list.
    Hugh Mariner/Marinus Twiss - I think both Mariner and Marinus sound okay with Hugh, but I prefer Hugh Mariner Twiss over Hugh Marinus Twiss.
    Foster Sebastian Twiss – I don't think that the s's are too big of a problem. A handsome combo.
    Lorcan Inigo Twiss - I prefer Inigo for Lorcan's middle name. I'm not a fan of Ingo and Indigo is a feminine name in my opinion.
    Garrett Orlando Twiss – Sounds lovely together, but I'm not a fan of Garrett. I personally don't think Garrett is more common than your other names as I've never met, or even heard of a real life Garrett.
    Iker Valentino Twiss - Iker's cool! Love Valentino, but I prefer Valentine.

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    Leo Shinobu Twiss - I love Leo. It's my little cousin's name with the other pronunciation but people can always be corrected. Shinobu is new on me
    Cyrus Oberon Twiss - I really like this. Cyrus is very handsome and I adore Oberon
    Alfred Silvan Twiss - *melts*
    Harlan Barnaby Twiss - not a massive fan of Harlan, but I adore Barnaby. Not sure they go well together with the -ar syllable at the start I each
    Kendrick Zen Twiss – not really my style, but I don't think it's a bad name. I like the fact that it is honouring
    Felix Rafferty Twiss - this is my favourite. I absolutely adore Felix and Rafferty is also very wonderful
    Hugh Mariner/Marinus Twiss - I do prefer Hugo to Hugh personally, but I really like this too. I think Hugh Mariner sounds best as Marinus Twiss sounds very hissy
    Foster Sebastian Twiss – yeah, too many Ss and Ts
    Lorcan Indigo/Inigo/Ingo Twiss - don't love Lorcan, but I don't hate or either. I think Inigo is my favourite middle, but I like Indigo too
    Garrett Orlando Twiss – I really like this, Garrett sounds strong and Orlando sounds romantic. I don't find Garrett common, but then I'm in the UK
    Iker Valentino Twiss - not really my style, but it's not bad
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    Harlan Barnaby Twiss
    Kendrick Zen Twiss

    Kendrick was my fave, but I think Kendrick Barnaby would be so handsome.
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    danni Guest
    Hands down, Leo Twiss is the best name on your list. The middle you selected for Leo is not one I'm familiar with, but it's very interesting. The sound and flow of Leo Shinobu Twiss is lovely.

    Lorcan Twiss is a great name! I like Lorcan Indigo Twiss best of your middle options. This is my second favorite.

    I really like the combination of Hugh Mariner, but Hugh Twiss is a bit abrupt. Also, the softness of Hugh and the w of Twiss doesn't work well together.

    Good luck!

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