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    Early 1900s CAF (possibly very large family)

    I thought I'd try to create my own baby name game. You'll need a six faced dice:

    A nineteen year old girl immigrates to America in 1900. Where is she from? Roll the dice and choose a first name from the list. If you wish her to be Jewish pick a name from either the country of origin or the Jewish name list. If you wish give her a middle name as well from the list. The surname can be your choice but should fit the nationality if you need ideas

    First names:

    1-Italy or
    2-Russia or
    3-Ireland or
    4-Germany or Austria (your pick) or
    5-Hungry or

    She grew up in a very large family. Roll the dice twice and add the number to see how many siblings she had. Name her siblings using the name lists used for her name.

    When she arrives she moves in with one or more of her sibling(s) (which one(s)?). The live in which city?

    1-New York City
    6-St. Louis

    She gets a job working in a factory. The hours are long, hard and dangerous but she's proud to be sending some money back to her family still in her homeland. Not long arriving she soon meets a young man who is twenty. He was born in America. Go to SSA records and pick a name from the top 100 names the year he was born (1880). You can decide his family history including names for any parents or siblings. His surname should be English

    Roll to see what his occupation is:

    1)Dock Laborer
    2)Store clerk
    3)Factory Worker
    5)Construction worker

    His parents are against immigration and strongly disapprove of their son marrying an immigrant. However the girl is pregnant so they quickly marry. The baby is born soon afterwards. Roll to decide the gender (odd=boy even=girl).
    They are born in 1901 and given a top 10 name with a middle name from their mother's country of origin.

    The couple get a small apartment and start their life together. For extra money she takes in sewing jobs.

    Their family continues to expand quickly. For the next five years roll the dice to see if they have a baby that year (1-2 no, 3-6 yes). Continue rolling to see if it's a boy or a girl and using the same naming theme (top 10 name and ethnic middle name).
    Through hard work the father gets a promotion somehow connected with his original job (example the factory worker is now a supervisor). You can decide his new position. The family moves out of the now crowded apartment and they purchase a three bedroom house in the suburbs. Feel free to describe their modest house.

    In 1908 a set of twins is born and are both healthy. Roll the dice to find out genders and continue to use the same naming theme. Continue rolling for 1909-1918 to see if the family continues to expand or not however now that the mother is older it goes like this (1-4 no, 5-6 yes). Continue using the most popular names the year they were born but do anything in the top 20 now and you can pick the middle names.
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