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    I think i've officially started nesting (i'll be 34 weeks on thursday!). My mum told me she had a dream that this lil dude came early and got on my case Sunday morning about washing all his things etc and i think it's set me off! So far i've washed everything, including sheets, have organised his drawers, made up the cot and the bassinet & started packing my hospital bag. The best part in my husbands opinion though is that i've also developed this need to BAKE! So far in the last week i've made lemon muffins, orange madiera cake, choc chip cookies, lolly cake, chocolate cake, banana cake and i could keep going but i've run out of tupperware. haha.

    How far into your pregnancies did you start nesting, and what were the 'symptoms'?
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    With my first, my nesting kicked in around 30 weeks. I was a cleaning freak. And I swear I organized and reorganized his little nursery about 20 times. This time around I am only 20 weeks, but it has already started. We are moving in a few weeks so I think the stress and uncertainty from that has exacerbated the nesting instinct. We don't have any baby stuff yet, but I am cleaning our apartment like crazy in preparation of movin into our new town home, and I have started to clear out all of my sons things! We are donating or just plain throwing away old toys and clothes. Doing the same with mine and my husbands wardrobe. I feel as though I need the new house to be as uncluttered as possible-- anything extraneous must go! I too have a compulsion to bake, but sadly this pregnancy has turned off my sweet tooth and my husband is a health but. So I can't bake because the only one who will indulge is my son :/
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    Around 22 weeks along and just had my first bout of nesting last week. Cleaned the house, weeded the garden. I am compelled to sort through all Azula's old clothes & things & set up for the new baby, but there is lots of time for that still.

    With my last pregnancy we bought a house when I was 7 months, so I had to save most of my nesting for the very end. It was super stressful.

    My advice: if you feel the compulsion to cook or bake, make some freezer meals that you can pull out when the new baby comes!
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    I started around 32 weeks.

    I agree! Take advantage of it as long as you don't wear yourself out and make lots of food you can freeze for post-baby!

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