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    Do these names flow OK with my last name?

    Hi all. I have a few girl names (some I'd use only for middle names) that I'm just wondering about. Primarily, how they sound with my last name. Please let me know if you think they're fine, or if they don't flow well together (and explain what's off, if possible).

    Elowen Twiss
    Winter Twiss
    Saga Twiss --- too book-y, like "a twist in the saga?"
    Electra Twiss
    Arwen Twiss
    Astoria Twiss
    Beatrix/Beatrice Twiss
    Tamsin Twiss --- Would "T" names in general seem odd with a "T" last name?

    Thanks for reading!
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    You have such a unique and beautiful last name!

    Elowen Twiss - Love this. Think it's the best. Distinct but not too unusual sounding as a combo
    Winter Twiss - Sounds too character-y to me
    Saga Twiss --- yeah, reminds me of "a twist in the saga"
    Electra Twiss - sounds like a combo of the party dances "electric slide" and "the twist"
    Arwen Twiss - This is also beautiful!!!!
    Astoria Twiss - Love this too. Doesn't flow as well as the ones ending in "n", though
    Beatrix/Beatrice Twiss - The x ending is better with the last name. The "s" ending next to the "t" kinda makes a whistle sound
    Tamsin Twiss --- Yes, alliteration names might be too much with your awesome last name. If it was "Taylor", I'd say go for it.

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    You have some lovely choices, and I hate to encourage you to part w/any, but I'd drop names that start w/'T' and names that contain a 'W'--w/the possible exception of Winter.

    Arwen Twiss (for instance) sounds like something Barry Krimke--the character w/the speech defect from 'Big Bang Theory'--would say. As a listener, I'd be confused about whether the speaker could/could not say 'R' properly, and whether the surname should be Tryss or Twiss.

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    Arwen or Tamsin sound best with Twiss to me.

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    Arwen, Astoria and Elowen sound best to me.

    Winter and Saga sound like characters or something.

    Beatrice Twiss is too much of a tongue twister.

    Tasmin Twiss isn't bad, it's just not my favorite.

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