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    Quote Originally Posted by nymphalis antiopa View Post
    I love them as well. Snowdrop is a little hard for me to picture on an adult though, this it is a GP. I have it combo'ed as Snowdrop Alice-Pearl.

    People think my kids' names are made up. They are the same people with kids named Iyzsabellah and Diffaryius.
    Well, Juniper, Teagan, Plum and Nikolai, those are definitely ones I've seen/heard a lot. A few may be unconventional but I wouldn't say made up. I like how you pair the unusual name with a more common/heard of middle name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawsonhaley View Post
    I understand that everyone has opinions, and that a name may sound made up, BUT, I don't agree with typecasting a name as made up.
    Unfortunately, just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean it won't happen. If you get the "sounds made up" comments here on Nameberry, where people obsessively research and pore over names, just imagine what people's reactions may be out in the real world! If those types of comments really upset you, which it seems they do, I would think twice before using the name and setting yourself up for at least 18 years of frustration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    Whether it's actually 'made-up' in the strictest sense or not, if it sounds made up there's a good chance that people in the real world will respond to it as though it's not a valid name--as if you made it up.
    Your child's teacher is unlikely to do extensive research on the medieval history of your daughter's name--she'll just lump her in with the Macinzee's and Nevaeh's and treat her likewise.
    Agree with this. OP is right saying that the names she used as examples aren't made up names. However, most people won't rush off and do research upon hearing your child's name. They'll just think it sounds made up and that's that unless you tell them otherwise.
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    First, let me be clear, I agree with you that unique names can and should be used. I think there are so many beautiful names that are underused and unknown by many people. I think we're heading in a direction where more uncommon names will become more and more accepted, but it will take a while for long built prejudices to disappear.

    Second, parents who use rare names should be prepared for the way their name choice will affect them and their child. Many people embrace and glory in that and it doesn't bother them, but even if something "shouldn't" be a certain way, that doesn't mean it isn't that way.

    I don't mean that a teacher will call your kid stupid to their face or grade them differently, but it's a tested fact that teachers expect different things out of children based on a small amount of information (such as a little testing information, demographic info, or yes, even their name). It's human nature to use whatever information you have to make decisions. Of course it's not always valid, but you can't force people to stop doing it.

    It's not against the law for a teacher to subconsciously think that Elizabeth with do better on the spelling test than Jozzlynn. It's not against the law for a recruiter to believe that William will be a more serious and successful lawyer in his practice than Amaisen.
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    Well, I agree with you. But a lot of times people want generic opinions on forums about the names they like, to get an idea of how a name is perceived. I see a lot of names that sound made up, which are not necessarily made up. But the posters are asking for first impressions of names, and I try to give them that. If I see a name I have never ever heard of, and it looks highly derivative of another name I HAVE heard of, I will generally just say it sounds made up. The bottom line is, many of us are naming kids and are assessing name quality based on *perception*.

    Human beings are very judgmental and the world isn't fair. I will name my child with this in mind. What others do is their own prerogative, but when I offer my solicited opinion it will be with the best of intentions.

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