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    I personally think the prejudice against made up names is silly. Has anyone ever stopped to examine why they dislike made up names in the first place? If you do, you will realize there's really no reason for it. Why does Margaret having a history behind it make it a better name than Obtusia? Why? Is there an actual reason for this? And believe it or not, Margaret was made-up at some point. It hasn't existed forever, at one point it was new. I think people should embrace made up names as much as they like.
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    opps double post

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    Quote Originally Posted by ummokayyeah View Post
    And believe it or not, Margaret was made-up at some point. It hasn't existed forever, at one point it was new.
    Did you not read my post? O_o I'll repeat myself. No one sat down with a bunch of letters, put them in an order they decided sounded good and voila Margaret "-_- It wasn't pulled out of thin air, its origins go back to a word in Latin. It's not just that its got historical usage as a name it's that its got an etymological history.

    Deciding to reverse the word heaven to 'create' the 'name' Neveah is making up a name.
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    I get the gist of what you're saying; gold medal for the first berry to post a name meaning 'narrow-minded'!

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    I understand when it's a name you love it can be frustrating and hurt your feelings to hear that, especially when you know it's not true.

    But I do think there's a distinct criticism there. Whether it's actually 'made-up' in the strictest sense or not, if it sounds made up there's a good chance that people in the real world will respond to it as though it's not a valid name--as if you made it up.
    Your child's teacher is unlikely to do extensive research on the medieval history of your daughter's name--she'll just lump her in with the Macinzee's and Nevaeh's and treat her likewise.
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