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    Cruncymama, I used to be a tv junkie too but now that she stays in my room im lucky if I can even use my phone once its bedtime otherwise shes up lol..&Thank you for the advice, I do live with my mom so we butt heads all day, I usually get alot less work done because I either hate leaving the babe to entertain herself or im basically standing over my mom's shoulder. She also loved playing her videos on the comuter instead of singing or reading.

    Sarahmezz I understand.. I don't see what a child can be learning from the bachelor &similar shows yet I'm sure they will watch just as attentively. & that's funny about the coles singing, here in the state I wonder how much longer nursery rhymes will last I have friends who rap to their babies instead

    Rowangreeneyes I see where your coming from with to much restriction, & moderation. . I know I won't be able to withhold it for to long, my family is gadget crazy &have tvs all over, I just erfer her infanthood spent elsewise. The whole hippie thinf reminds me of my uncles he feeds his daughter well no junk whatso ever, I wouldn't even know how to shop like him.. & the count hing is too cute id be amused

    Leadmythoughts that's good he gets it, I see what your saying about changing for the kid my one friend doesn't work now& she just sits there watching tv on her lap in silence, that's not evwn really bonding at that age but I guess it didn't kill them. Lol & that's interesting about how you & your brother are complete opposites about it. I guess everyone is different. Maybe as a first time mom I'm just over thinking everything & trying to over do it.

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    I pick my battles, to be honest. A little bit of age appropriate tv won't turn them into comatose zombies.

    As a general rule, we don't have the tv on in the mornings. This is mainly because I do most of the housework in the morning, between 9am and 12pm, and I'd probably only end up getting distracted myself. They play in the living room while I clean (if its a weekend, otherwise Amelie is in school), listening to the radio.

    The tv generally gets turned on after Amelie finishes school and after her homework (if she gets any) is finished. Daisy is fascinated by the moving pictures but isn't bothered when it gets turned off. Amelie is quite the fan of Playhouse Disney and I'm more than happy for her to watch an hour or so of it while I get the dinner ready.

    So, its generally about an hour on weekdays but it could be more on weekends, especially if its too miserable to go to the park for the afternoon. I see nothing wrong with it so long as they are stimulated in other ways. A lot of children's shows are educational in small amounts.

    I love nothing better than sitting on the couch with the girls on a Saturday evening watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Amelie's current favourite) with some snacks. Its great for bonding and relaxing as a family and I have no issue with it seeing as they spend the majority of their time doing other things.

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    So, I did some research on this, as I was concerned about my 3 month old's interest in the TV and my parent's advice to let her watch TV so I can get stuff done...

    The AAP and other pediatric societies recommend you don't let a child watch TV AT ALL and even limit their exposure to it as background noise. Studies have linked being exposed to just one hour of television per day, even if they aren't actively watching (example: mom has it on while feeding baby, etc) is linked to poorer sleep in infants, increased fussiness, delayed ability to self soothe, shorter attention span, significant language delays at 14 months, and obesity later in life.
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    I can see those coming from the tv.. its aggravating because my mom thinks its great teachers her number ect. Sometimes now she wont nap without it & she always turns it on for her. I'll have to show her the recommendations & maybe then it won't be a battle.

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    I'm not a mom, but my parents didn't let me watch tv until I was 3, and at that point it was only educational shows and zaboomafoo. Once I was in kindergarten or grade 1, my grandma let me watch tv at her house, and eventually my parents let me watch. I remember when I was very little (3 at oldest) if they were watching tv and I was with them, I'd lay on my stomach with my ears hidden so I couldn't hear or watch.

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