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    Awh ottilie yes I think they are all entertained by it, im glad to hear you also like it in moderation. I know it is helpful when you have your hands full, but just like ya said background noise & all. . When they are very little theyre learning so much I rather her do something else than be glued to the screen. My mom makes me feel like im so horrible over it.

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    corvet - it took some work that's for sure. she is a front/side sleeper so once we figured that out it wasn't so bad. she still hates to be put on her back. she still usually cries herself to sleep at night, but its not those blood-curdling screams it used to be. i got blackout curtains for her room and some white noise seems to help (like a fan/heater/humidifire or something).
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    We did pretty good about no TV when my son was very little. However he stopped napping at 2.5 and I need to get things done so he gets some TV time in the afternoons. I don't put him to bed with a TV but he goes up to his room for some quiet time and if he stays in his room for a little while (we aim for an hour at least) then he can have some TV time when he comes down. We keep it under 2 hours a day for the most part although last week my daughter was sick and we were leaving the next day for a vacation so I let him watch way too much TV so that I could pack and cuddle my daughter.
    My daughter doesn't really watch TV yet. It's one sometimes but she tends to ignore it. My son watches it on the ipad a lot sometimes with headphones. He mostly watches Fireman Sam and Thomas on Netflix or Popular Mechanics for Kids on DVD. I definitely use it as a babysitter at times but my son has never been very good at playing on his own. When I only had one child that was fine but with two kids there are times that I need him to be occupied so I can do other things. We did do a whole week without TV a couple weeks ago since he was misbehaving, it's always the first privilege he looses when he misbehaves. My daughter barely napped all week since he kept playing too loudly and waking her up. Besides TV he only will play quietly for so long before he starts getting louder.
    My feelings on TV is that it should be a privilege and limited however I don't think watching TV is detrimental. I try to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics rules (none before two and up to two hours a day afterwards). My in-laws are the type to always have the TV on all day even if nobody is watching it. I do request that they keep the inappropriate shows to a off (my son watched a woman being raped on Law and Order SVU while over there one day) but otherwise I just make sure my kids aren't over there all the time. I figure if they spend a couple hours a week there tops then it's really not that much extra TV and both of my kids tend to ignore it. When it comes to people babysitting I do dislike it if they sit my kids in front of the TV either too young or for too long but if I'm not paying them to watch my kids I don't say anything. If I'm getting free babysitting I can handle my kids getting a little extra TV since it's not like it would be happening all the time.
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    My daughter is only 3 months old and is fascinated by tv. She's generally got an attention span of ten minutes max, but stared at the tv for a half hour yesterday while I was watching a show - NOT a habit I want to get into. It can't be good for her developing eyes, either

    Her dad ALWAYS has the tv going, and I feel it's going to become a point of contention soon. I'd be fine not having a tv whatsoever, and he'd like to have one in every room, so we're certainly going to need to compromise
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    We don't do TV (or computers or iPhones or tablets) for our 22 month old son. We have let him watch a little Sesame Street when he got sick and we had to keep him still. And I show him a short (five minutes or so) video when I clip his fingernails, maybe once every couple of weeks. In general though, he doesn't see any. I stay home with him and I do cook dinner every night and clean and stuff. When he was younger, I wore him in a carrier while I cleaned. Now he either "helps" or plays by himself. I used to cook dinner during naptime, but he "helps" me cook now. It does make everything take longer, but it's fun.

    We do plan to start watching TV and movies with him when he is older, old enough to have a conversation about what he is seeing at least.

    We don't have a TV set, but my husband and I watch shows on Netflix in our room on the computer after the baby goes to bed. I don't worry about him seeing TV other places- he sees it when we visit family, for instance, and I don't ask them to turn it off or anything. But in your situation, it sounds like your mom is living there, too. If she is providing regular childcare, I think that it makes sense to have a conversation with her about why you don't want your baby watching TV. If you've already done this, maybe try something like, "I really appreciate all of your help, but the doctor told me that she can't watch TV until she is at least two, and then it needs to be less than X amount and only X programs." I blame the doctor for all kinds of stuff- no, sorry, Lev really does have to ride in a carseat. The doctor says so. That kind of thing.

    I just want to add here that whatever anyone else decides for their kids about screen time is fine- I am sure that everyone here is making the best possible decisions for their kids. I feel like this subject can get really judgmental really quickly and that is not my intent at all.

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