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    Anyone else hate the Tv for their baby?

    So from day one its little a never winning battle with Grandma about my child raising. First it was letting the babe nap during the day in her swing(which I imagine can't be that great for their growing bodies), I gave in reluctantly & now she barely fits & Im struggling to get her to nap else where.

    My main struggle now is my debate on the fact I don't think she should be sat in front of the tv, period, at least for 2 years. My mom thinks in crazy & days I should go raise in the woods like a poor amish baby & that she likes it (tv). As much as I try if I leave the room its back on, if I run to the store she uses it to put the baby down for a nap (which will be a bigger nightmare when she don't want to nap without her tv!).

    I understand it can be somewhat stimulating for them & maybe there are some good shows but I don't want a child who needs it or will throw a tantrum even she can't watch it, more so I rather her build her imagination not watch a screen. With how tech is today she will eventually pick up on it I just want her to fund pleasure in simplicity & be a kid, am I the only one alone on this?

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    I think this is a touchy subject for a lot of people.
    Personally I don't like TV. We got rid of our cable. We do have Netflix, but I would be happy if we disconnected that service as well. There are a few shows or movies I like but if its really important to me that I see them I can usually find somewhere to stream them online or whatever. My family always grew up with 1 hour or less of TV per day, and the TV was always off at dinner time so we could just sit and yak with each other (unless there was something important on like Hockey Playoffs or something). My husband's family is TV crazy. I have even been over to their place for Thanksgiving dinner and they spent the meal just sitting there in front of the TV, eating their dinner and not really talking.
    Before we got married I told my husband one of my expectations of our marriage was to have family dinners. I want a chance to talk to each other, to bond together, and to enjoy our meal without staring at a screen the whole time.
    I would never use TV to help put my baby down for a nap or anything like that... whats wrong with just popping in a soothing CD or something? Whatever you decide, its YOUR child. Be firm with your grandmother. If you don't want your child watching TV she shouldn't be watching TV.

    I'd like to add, Azula would ONLY sleep in her baby swing (even at night) until she was more than 6 months old. She is fine.
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    We are TV free, but not 100% screen time free. We do Netflix & Hulu, ect. It's a rare treat that I put on Curious George or Caillou for my 1.5 year old daughter. When we do play shows it isn't during times for rest, it's usually with a snack in the high chair while I do some cleaning up!

    Unfortunately when you are relying on family members for childcare it's hard to set lifestyle rules outside of the norm. When my daughter is at my mother's & grandmother's house the TV is constantly blaring, the food is processed, early bedtime is not a concern and the amount of toys from various garage sales & consignment shops is enough for a family with 10 my mom & grandma this is what makes their house FUN! My daughter is rarely watched by them, just the occasional date night which is usually at our house anyway, this isn't cause I am horrified by their lifestyle, it's cause they're usually unable to babysit & I am a SAHM anyhow.

    My opinion is it's up to you to decide what's best for baby, but if you have a lot of rules to enforce that your mom won't follow you need to seek childcare that is easier to be boss do get what you pay for

    For the amount of time my daughter is with the grandmas I am at peace with the chocolate and the cheese doodles and the television. I know they would never change their lifestyle for anything, especially cause to them I am the weirdo!

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    I hope I won't be the kind of mum who puts the telly on whenever my children are making a fuss. I'm going to let them watch tv/netflix/dvds etc, but not as background noise. Well, easy to say when you've got once baby. I'm sure I'll use the screen a lot when there are more children and they're older, but I'd be very careful what I'd let them watch. No Dora Explorer at my house.

    My daughter's only almost six months so it's not really an issue yet, but she is fascinated by the tv. I'm sick at the moment, so have been spending the day in bed watching movies, and tonight she watched a bit of Sleepy Hollow with me. She thought it was hilarious.
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    Thanks taz & katiedenberg im glad that not everyone believes the tv should be a baby sitter.. I mean I grew up with tvs but I didnt have a cellphone or a computer to later & the thought of my child lugging around a ipad instead of playing outside without tech Horrifies me, & the screaming car rides if there is no dvd player, I understand its a great outlet & easy soothing but ii rather not get to that point.

    Due to the situation im in im a sahm too which is wonderful except its with my own mom who makes me feel like a child. Every rule I try to establish she has her own way. I mean i totally appreciate everything from her & I get she loves to spoil her already but itd be different like you guys said it was visits not day to day.

    Since I do work from home &im normally the one going to the store thats mainly when she goes agaist what I want done, all its doing is making it harder to un establish the routien & its horribly annoying. I try to give in some but i feel like unless i move out its going to be a never ending battle of how i want my child To be.

    & im happy to hear that your daughter is well after staying in the swing like that, howd you break her from it? Mine is only 4 months old & naps during the day, I used toget her to nap on the bed with me but now she wont even do that.. thank god she sleeps perfect on a bed at night for about 12 hrs with about 2 quick feedings.

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