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    Ran across this name today. I've never heard it before, but am very intrigued by it. Pronounced geh-ZEE-nuh, it is supposedly a German diminutive of Gertrude. It's the name of Sandra Bullock's sister and a few other contemporary Germans. Anyone have opinions on or experience with this name? Would it work in the English-speaking world (possibly spelled Gesina)?
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    I read it and would have pronounced it like jesseen. I think it would be nice pronounced that way, too bad I'm wrong. In English, I guess it would make it easier for other people to cue them to the correct pronunciation by spelling it Gesina.

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    I, like mimiottawa, first pronounced it in my head as "Jez-een", which I liked better. Not too fond of the correct pronunciation, and it would be one of those where the bearer would be correcting people her whole life. Unless she lived in Germany I guess. Reminds me of gazebo. Gasina or Gazina would more easily get the pronunciation you're looking for.

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